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23 Sport Sandals for Women and Men that Are Athletic, Outdoorsy & Vegan

23 Sport Sandals for Women and Men that Are Athletic, Outdoorsy & Vegan Posted on May 8, 2018Leave a comment
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Vegan Sport Sandals for Men and Women

After writing a couple blog posts about strappy high heeled and wedge heeled sandals for women, my pal Cathy, who happens to be vegan and an Ironwoman triathlete a few times over, commented, “What about vegan sport sandals? I love sporty sandals!”

And who doesn’t? Sport sandals basically give you the freedom to go barefoot everywhere without hurting your feet! And does it make any sense to wear leather sandals in the water? Heck no, especially when there are so many vegan sport sandals that will outperform those made with animal skin any day.

So, this post is for all of you active guys and gals out there who are ramping up for summer fun in and out of the water.

(One caveat I’d like to make on the the shoes presented in this post: I’ve done a lot of research, including contacting the shoe manufacturers, and I have not conclusively been able to rule out if animal byproducts are used in the adhesives in some of these shoes. However, according to Wikipedia, glues that contain animal byproducts are more commonly found in products such as wooden musical instruments, gesso, and gelatin; not shoes. PETA says that animal-based glues are rarely used in shoes anymore because synthetic adhesives outperform them in consistency and flexibility. Thus, with this information, I focused on the sport sandals I could find that are made with manmade materials and do not contain animal skin.)

And now for some historical context on athletic sandals as we know them today…

The History of Sport Sandals

River rafting in the Grand Canyon
River rafting in the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Arizona. Photo: Paxson Woelber.

The original sport sandals, Tevas were as revolutionary to the world of sandals as Nikes were to track and field shoes. In both cases, their invention was the result of an epiphany born of necessity.

Before Nikes came along, the best running shoes were the kind with metal cleats. Needless to say, those cleats didn’t lend themselves well to every kind of surface you might want to run on. The lightbulb moment came when Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman and his wife Barbara were making waffles for breakfast one morning in 1971.

They were brainstorming ideas on how to make traditional track shoes with good traction but without the use of metal cleats. As Barbara pulled a waffle off the waffle iron, Bill had an aha moment, and the famous Nike waffle soles were born. On that day, running shoes underwent a metamorphosis that would pave the way for a cultural revolution – today, sneakers have gone way beyond athletic shoes. (In other words, Air Jordans are Air Jordans not just because of Michael Jordan, but because some people like to make their own waffles.)

A Fashion Revolution Born on the Colorado River

The inspiration for Tevas originated from the same need to make something that already existed better. The year was 1982 and Mark Thatcher had a summer job working as a river guide on the Colorado River. River guides continuously make the transition from carrying rafts off of trailers, onto rocky shores, and into the river. They’re on the raft, then they’re out of the boat again, sometimes swimming, sometimes walking in the water on the riverbed, and then hauling the rafts ashore.

(As a side note, my mom is from Buena Vista, Colorado, a town on the Arkansas River, which is a mecca for river rafting and kayaking. So, you could say that this blog post about the origins and merits of semi-amphibious shoes is one that is dear to my heart and long overdue.)

At the time that Mark Thatcher was serving as a river guide in the Grand Canyon, the only real options for footwear were wearing hiking boots or a pair of lightweight sneakers you packed in your bag – both of which got heavy and clunky when wet (and not to mention, were nearly impossible to swim in, if the need arose), or else – flip flops, which had no traction on the riverbed and came off too easily in the water.

The first pair of Tevas were created when a frustrated Mark Thatcher used a couple of Velcro watch bands to attach his flip flops to his feet so they wouldn’t come off. And from that day in the Grand Canyon, sandals (indeed – summer fashion) would never be the same.

1. Teva’s Original Sandal (Is Vegan!)

The Original Teva Sandal harkens back to Teva’s roots with a flip flop-style toe strap and an adjustable ankle strap that stays secure with Velcro.

Women’s Original Textile Sandals by Teva

Teva's Original Vegan Textile Sandals for Women

The women’s style comes in fun colors, including bright pink, orange, turquoise, black, and other colors.

Price: $27.49 – $124.00

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Teva Men’s Original Universal Sandal

Teva's Original Vegan Textile Sandal for Men in Navy Blue

One of  the original style of Tevas for men, the Universal Sandal has an open toe and comes in black, brown, mustard, navy blue, and gray.

Price: $48.94 – $85.50

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2. Vegan Hurricane Sandals by Teva

The Teva Hurricane Sandal has polyester webbing and a heel that’s about 1.5”. Plus, they come with rugged Durabrasion outsoles, which makes them perfect for wearing on rugged terrain.

Women’s Hurricane Sandal

Women's Vegan Hurricane Sandals by Teva

This women’s style comes in red, black, turquoise, light turquoise and brown, or forest green.

Price: $57.28 – $76.02

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Men’s Hurricane Sandal

Teva Men's Hurricane Sport SandalThe men’s style also comes in a variety of colors, including black, orange, dark green, olive, multi-colored, gray, white, and more.

Price: $29.40 – $84.99

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3. Women’s Kayenta Sandal by Teva

Women's Vegan Kayenta Sport Sandal
One of my favorite women’s styles, the Kayenta Sandal has a grooved yoga mat-inspired footbed for good traction and narrow, comfy straps over the front of your foot. The heel is about 1” and the front platform is about 0.5”. Plus, there’s a padded heel strap for walking comfort. This style comes in a few different color combinations, including black, purple, green, and gray.

Price: $69.96 – $299.97

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4. Women’s Vegan Tirra Athletic Sandal by Teva

Teva Women’s Vegan Tirra Athletic Sandal The Tirra Athletic Sandal is one of Teva’s most popular styles and it gets top reviews from customers. It’s water- and trail-ready – for wherever your outdoor adventures take you. The tractioned heel is about 1.5” and the front platform is 0.5”. This style comes in a bunch of color combinations, including gray, galaxy blue, white-multi, hot pink, black, and more.

Price: $37.25 – $259.00

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5. Teva Men’s Vegan Toachi 2 Sandal

Teva Men's Vegan Toachi 2 Sandal

The Toachi 2 is designed for maximum action with padded straps and three adjustable hook-and-loop straps, plus a rear pull-up loop. The heel is about 1.5” and the platform is 1”. It’s also been treated with Microban, a zinc-based odor-resistant treatment. This style comes in black, gray, and espresso brown.

Price: $94.95 – $109.95

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6. Women’s Flatform Universal Sandals by Teva

Women’s High Platform Universal Sandal by Teva

These vegan Tevas are a style that even the hardcore fashionistas can have fun with. The high-platforms come in bright colors, including yellow, red, turquoise, black, pink, orange, lavender, white, and others. The heel measures 1.75″ and the platform is 1.25″.

Price: $23.95 – $95.00

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Vegan Athletic Sandals by Chaco

Chaco’s shoes are made in the U.S.A. in their factory in Michigan. They’re one of my favorite brands because they have some styles (their Ecotread line) that are made with recycled materials. You can see more Ecotread styles in my post about recycled flip flops. The company also has a repair program, which lets you send your worn out Chacos to them for repairs that extend their life. They’ll also make custom Chacos with your unique specifications.

Here’s a video with details on how Chacos are made:

7. Women’s Zong Ecotread Athletic Sandals by Chaco

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Style

Women’s Vegan Zong Ecotread Athletic Sandals by Chaco

These vegan sport sandals for women have textile straps and rubber soles. Colors include black, tangerine, aqua, blue multi-colored, and more.

Price: $50.97 – $106.98

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8. Chaco Z Cloud Sandals

Chaco’s Z Cloud Sandals come in styles with toe rings or open toes. The cushioned heel makes them comfortable for action sports or walking on rugged terrain. And, they’ve been treated with an antimicrobial application for odor control.

Women’s Z Cloud Sandals by Chaco

Women's Z Cloud Athletic Sandals with Toe Ring by Chaco Price: $59.95 – $132.77

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