8 Super Powered, Delicious Vegan Smoothie Recipes

Vegan Smoothie Recipes

There’s nothing like a good smoothie to jump start your day and get some serious nutrition into your body fast. Plus, you can mix leafy greens to get extra nutrition and still get that delicious sweet taste. Smoothies are easy to make without a recipe, but it doesn’t hurt to see how the pros make theirs.

Here Are Some Delicious Vegan Smoothie Recipes from Expert Chefs

Bon appétit!

1. Banana Date Smoothie & Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Beauty vlogger Eman shares two of her favorite smoothie recipes with you. The first is made with bananas and dates and the second is you classic fruit smoothie, makde with strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and blueberries.

2. Cranberry, Coconut, Orange Smoothie

In this recipe video, Jason Wrobel (aka J-Wro) from Sun Warrior makes an out-of-this-world yummy smoothie with ingredients you might not think of putting together: coconut with cranberries and orange. He calls it “Soul Train to the Brain.”

3. Five Easy Vegan Smoothie Recipes

Tess Berg shares a collection of five different vegan smoothie recipes: a creamy caramel cinnamon smoothie with bananas and dates; a sweet and zingy chocolate smoothie; a sweet creamy orange smoothie; a mango, strawberries, and greens smoothie; and a watermelon crush smoothie. Is your mouth watering yet??

4. Raw Vegan Protein Smoothie Recipe

Yovana Mendoza drops in at Vegan Planet, a vegan whole food restaurant in Mexico City, where she and chef Miguel share their recipe for a super-powered vegan smoothie that packs 42 grams of protein.

5. Glowing Greens Detox Smoothie

Kimberly Snyder and Vitamix share this super healthy green detox smoothie recipe. The ingredients include spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, lime, pear, green apples, cilantro, and parsley. Get ready to glow!

6. Vegan Muscle Builder Smoothies

While it might be a foreign concept to many of us, there are people in the world who actually have trouble gaining weight. But what’s common for most of us is that we want more muscle on our bones than fat. There’s also a risk of becoming “skinny fat” on a vegan diet, whereby if we’re not mindful about eating a protein-rich diet, we can can lose muscle mass. In this video, Personal Trainer Azad Singh addresses all of those issues with three recipes for high protein muscle builder vegan smoothies.

7. Banana Oat Smoothie

For another high-calorie smoothie, barefoot distance runner and triathlete Steve Kalclash Kalclash Fitness V shares this high-carb, low fat recipe that has eight bananas (!) and two cups of oats.

8. Orange Julius Raw Vegan Smoothie

Here’s another video from J-Wro via his mom Ma-Wro. This delish smoothie recipe has – you guessed it – oranges, plus almond milk (or some other vegan milk), ice, coconut palm sugar (or some other sweetener), and J-Wro also throws in some hemp seeds for more protein and fiber.

Get ready to glow!

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