A New 100% Vegan Hotel is Opening in Mykonos, Greece

100% Vegan Koukoumi Hotel in Mykonos
Koukoumi Hotel in Mykonos, Greece.

This summer the first 100 percent vegan hotel in Greece will open on the island of Mykonos. The boutique Koukoumi Hotel will have 14 suites. Located in the town of Ano Mera on Mykonos, Koukoumi Hotel was designed with sustainability in mind.

Healthy Veggie Wrap
A typical vegan meal at Koukoumi Hotel.

In addition to the plantbased menu, the rooms have eco-friendly mattresses and solar water heaters, reports Euronews. Amenities include a spa that uses organic, all-vegan products, a fitness center, pool, and daily group exercise classes.

Koukoumi Hotel pool
The pool at Koukoumi Hotel.

The spa is focused on helping guests to detox, de-stress, and enhance their wellbeing. The all-vegan menu is Mediterranean-inspired and will include both raw and cooked dishes, such as smoothies, salads, home-baked bread, veggie wraps, vegan burgers, pizza, and poke bowls. The raw menu is 100 percent organic.

Here’s a video about the inspiration behind the Koukoumi Hotel Mykonos:

According to the hotel’s founders, Koukoumi was created “to be a peaceful sanctuary for the sophisticated traveler. In this setting we tried to bring a breath of fresh air in hospitality, to show a more intimate side of the island and promote a new life philosophy. We can enjoy life without harming animals, the environment, or ourselves.”

Deluxe Room at Koukoumi Hotel
A deluxe room at Koukoumi Hotel.

In fact, the hotel’s website reminds visitors that the Greek athletes who played in the ancient Olympic Games were forbidden to consume meat, so Koukoumi Hotel is in line with the country’s ancient traditions.

Learn more at KoukoumiHotel.com.

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