6 Vegan Guitar Straps That Are Simply Badass

Vegan Guitar StrapsVegan guitar straps. Does it get any better? Yeah, it does. When they’re eco-friendly and upcycled and vegan guitar straps. Here are the best we found.

1. Seatbelt Guitar Straps by Couch

Just as there are guitar gods, so there must be a guitar strap god. If this person exists, he may very well be Dan Perkins of Couch Guitar Straps. Dan upcycles used seatbelts, vintage auto upholstery and vinyl, and other used materials to create truly unique guitar straps. No matter your musical proclivities, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style to suite your needs.

Here’s Dan giving a tour of Couch’s production headquarters in Long Beach, California:

Couch Upcycled Auto Seat Belt Vegan Guitar Strap, multiple colors

Couch strives to use at least 25% recycled materials in their straps. Their guitar straps have vegan, non-leather ends, and they’re all handmade in Long Beach, California. Couch also designs a range of other really cool upcycled accessories, including vegan belts, vegan camera straps, vegan wallets, and more.

Price: $24.00- $26.00

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2. Upcycled Auto Upholstery and Vinyl Guitar Straps by Couch

Couch has so many cool upcycled auto upholstery guitar straps, that you just have to check out their Etsy store to see them all. Some of the vintage materials include:

1960s Furniture Upholstery

Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Heavy Duty Automotive Upholstery in Turquoise with Red Guitar


Cadillac Hard Top Vinyl

Eco-Friendly Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Cadillac Hardtop in Midnight Blue by Couch


Heavy Duty Auto Upholstery Made into Steve McQueen-esque Racer Stripes

Eco-Friendly Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Automotive Vinyl with Light Blue and White Racer Stripe by Couch


1980s VW Golf Upholstery

Guitar Strap Made with Upcycled VW Upholstery by Couch

Prices: $34.00 – $64.00

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3. Hippie Guitar Straps with Upcycled Seatbelt Backing by Couch

This Jimi Hendrix-style guitar strap is made from woven jacquard trim, recycled seat belt webbing, and recycled auto upholstery vinyl.

Hippie Vegan Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Fabric by Couch, yellow, orange, gold, and black

Prices: $48.00 – $58.00

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And lucky for us, there are other cool brands making great vegan guitar straps!

4. Upcycled Vintage Fabric Guitar Straps by Eli Creates

Eli Creates designs a variety of eco-friendly and vegan guitar straps made from re-used fabric and upcycled seat belts.

Vegan Guitar Strap Made with Upcycled Vintage Fabric

Prices: $50.63 – $56.96

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5. Non Leather Guitar Straps by Cowless™ by Onori

We were happy to see Onori, which makes guitar straps out of leather, introduce a vegan, non-leather “cowless” line. This style is dark brown faux suede.


Prices: $12.00 – $26.00

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6. Upcycled Tire Guitar Straps by RECYCLED VEGAN and TuC

This unique vegan guitar strap by Recycled Vegan and TuC has an upcycled inner tube backing and cork front. It’s the perfect combination of upcycled materials plus natural, sustainable materials. And the “recycled Vegan” emblem is pretty sweet too. The company makes a number of other cool upcycled accessories that you’ll have to check out in their Etsy store.

Recycled Tired and Cork Vegan Guitar StrapPrice: $29.00

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Rock on!


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