11 Vegan, Eco-Friendly, and Recycled Guitar Straps

Vegan Guitar StrapsThere’s never been a better selection of vegan guitar straps, as well as guitar straps made with eco-friendly and recycled materials. Traditionally, guitar straps have been made with leather, but designers are now experimenting with both old and new materials that are not only comfortable and durable, they represent your own unique style.

1. Couch Recycled Seatbelt Guitar Straps

If there is a guitar strap god, it is quite possibly Dan Perkins of Couch Guitar Straps. Dan upcycles used seatbelts, vintage auto upholstery and vinyl, and other materials to create truly unique and vegan guitar straps. No matter your musical proclivities, you’ll be sure to find the perfect style to suite your needs.

Here’s a video of Dan giving a tour of Couch’s production headquarters in Long Beach, California:

Couch strives to use at least 25% recycled materials in their straps. Their guitar straps have vegan, non-leather ends, and they’re all handmade in Long Beach, California. Couch also designs a range of other really cool upcycled accessories, including vegan belts, vegan camera straps, vegan wallets, and more.

Couch Upcycled Auto Seat Belt Vegan Guitar Strap, multiple colorsPrice: ~$24.00- $58.00

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Couch is also available on Amazon. >

2. Couch Upcycled Auto Upholstery and Vinyl Guitar Straps 

Couch has so many cool upcycled auto upholstery guitar straps, that you have to check out their Etsy store to see them all. Some of the vintage materials include:

1960s Furniture Upholstery

Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Heavy Duty Automotive Upholstery in Turquoise with Red Guitar

Cadillac Hard Top Vinyl

Eco-Friendly Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Cadillac Hardtop in Midnight Blue by Couch

Heavy Duty Auto Upholstery Made into Steve McQueen-esque Racer StripesEco-Friendly Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Automotive Vinyl with Light Blue and White Racer Stripe by Couch

3. Couch Hippie Guitar Straps with Upcycled Seatbelt Backing 

This Jimi Hendrix-style guitar strap is made from woven jacquard trim, recycled seat belt webbing, and recycled auto upholstery vinyl.

Hippie Vegan Guitar Strap Made with Recycled Fabric by Couch, yellow, orange, gold, and black

Price: ~$48.00 – $58.00

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4. Eli Creates Upcycled Vintage Fabric Guitar Straps

Vegan Guitar Strap Made with Upcycled Vintage FabricEli Creates is another designer who makes a variety of eco-friendly and vegan guitar straps with re-used fabric and upcycled seat belts.

Price: ~$50.63 – $56.96

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5. Non Leather Guitar Straps by Cowless™ by Onori

Onori, which makes traditional guitar straps out of leather, has introduced a vegan, non-leather line of straps that they call “cowless.” This style is made with dark brown faux suede.

Prices: $19.99 – $39.00

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6. Himal Sustainable Hemp Guitar Straps with Piñatex

Hemp Guitar StrapsHimal Natural Fibres makes a hemp laptop case that is super popular with UniGuide visitors. So, I was psyched when they messaged me and told me about their eco-friendly guitar straps made with natural hemp and nettles. Plus, the ends are made with Piñatex sustainable pineapple leather. These guitar straps are handmade in Nepal.

Price: ~$49.99

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7. Dinatone Vegan Guitar Straps

Dinatone Vegan Guitar StrapsIf you’re looking for cost-effective vegan guitar strap, Dinatone makes a few different styles in vinyl and tapestry-style fabrics.

Price: ~$10.47 – $16.99

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8. Denali Western Style Vegan Guitar Straps

Denali Vegan Guitar StrapsDenali designs a variety of tapestry and other fabric guitar straps that are made with vegan-friendly materials. 

Price: ~$55.59

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9.EIRE Music Celtic Vegan Guitar Straps

Vegan Celtic Guitar StrapsIf you love Celtic symbols and design, check out EIRE Music’s vegan guitar straps. EIRE makes their straps with fabric ribbon in vibrant patterns. Plus, they have vegan leather ends.

Price: ~$55.57

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10. Island Provisions Fabric Guitar Straps

Island Provisions Handmade Vegan Guitar StrapsIsland Provisions designs some beautiful textile straps in psychedelic and other patterns. All straps are handmade to order in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Price: ~$35.00 – $43.00

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11. Vintage Guitar Straps

Vintage Guitar StrapsAnd if you want to be super eco-friendly, check out vintage guitar straps on eBay or Etsy. The selection is great and you’ll keep them out of the landfill. 

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