24 Vegan Cowboy Boots and Western Boots

Vegan Cowboy Boots

Can you be vegan and still wear cowboy boots? Heck yeah, you can! When doing my research, I was happy to find a variety of vegan cowboy boots and western boots for all you compassionate cowgirls and cowboys out there. While there are definitely more vegan cowboy boots for women than there are for men, you’ll see a few styles for guys at the end of this post. (And if you’re looking for other men’s vegan boot styles, check out my post on cool men’s boots.)

The History of Cowboy Boots

But first, a little lesson on the history of cowboy boots… Cowboy boots date back to the 1600s, when riding boots started to appear in Europe that had “high tops, pointed toes, and 2″ stacked heels,” says ShoeInfo. But where did those 2″ heels originate? Apparently, they were first seen in the 13th century on invading Mongol tribesmen who wore bright red wooden heels on their boots. According to ShoeInfo, “Mongols were consummate horsemen and their easy victories left a mark on European society.”

Since owning and caring for a horse required wealth, and being on horseback placed a person physically above those who were not, people on horseback in high heels became associated with nobility. To this day, we say “well-heeled” to describe a person who is wealthy or aristocratic. Eventually, heeled riding boots made their way to the Americas, quite possibly on the feet of the Conquistadors.

Throughout history, boots were made with animal skin. Thankfully, today we have access to a variety of materials that make durable, warm, and comfortable boots without harming animals.

So, without further ado, here are some sweet faux-leather, faux-suede, and otherwise vegan cowgirl and cowboy boots.

High Heel Vegan Cowboy Boots and Western Boots for Women

Very Volatile Cowboy Boots

Very Volatile is a brand that offers a number of western boots that are made from manmade materials, so you can bring out your inner cowgirl and still be cruelty-free. If you like cowboy boots that have the leather look but are not made of leather, you’ll find them with Very Volatile.

1. Very Volatile Denver Vegan Cowboy Boot

Denver Boot in Green Faux Leather by Very VolatileFor a slightly off beat cowgirl boot, check out this style in green faux leather with classic cowboy boot styling and a 3″ heel. And if green doesn’t suit your fancy, they also come in brown. They have a rounded toe and a deep V in the front, and, they’re embellished with cute little silver studs.

Price: $69.95 – $84.95

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2. Very Volatile Raspy Cowboy

Women's Raspy Vegan Cowboy Boots by Very Volatile in WineAnother classic ladies’ western boot by Vert Volatile, the Raspy comes in black, tan, brown, or red wine vegan leather. These high-heeled cowgirl boots have pull up tabs on the sides and a gold accent above the heel.

Price: $33.00 – $70.95

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3. High Heeled Rio Grande Vegan Cowboy Boot by Very Volatile

Vegan Cowboy Boots by Very Volatile with Green InlaySexy 3” high heels make these cowgirl boots just a little more fun! They’re made of tan faux leather and have decorate teal green inlays. The shaft is 11″ from arch and they have rubber soles for easy walking.

Price: ~$69.95

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Roper Vegan Cowgirl Boots

You don’t have to be a vegan or a vegetarian to love all of the styles of animal-friendly boots offered by Roper. You just have to love wearing a good pair of cowboy boots! Roper also makes some adorable girls and boys cowboy boots that are vegan, plus a few men’s styles. Just a note: Roper makes leather cowboy boots too, so be sure to read the product details before you buy.

4. Women’s Tall Western Boots with Embroidered Flowers

Women's Tall Faux Leather Western BootsThese tall, elegant cowboy boots by Roper are one of my faves. They have lovely western flowers embroidered on them and a tall 16” shaft. The heel is 2.25”.

Price: ~$84.33 – $93.63

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5. Sparkly, Light Up Starlight Vegan Cowboy Boots by Roper

Women's Black Faux Leather Light-Up Cowboy Boots by RoperHigh-tech cowgirls will love these light up cowboy boots! They come with a USB charger that you connect inside the shaft of the boot, which charges them up. Charges them up for what, you might ask? So, they sparkle when you walk and dance, Girl! Look out, Dolly! There’s a new Jolene in town! These light up cowboy boots come in black or brown.

Price: ~$67.06 – $149.99

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6. Roper Stars and Stones Vegan Cowboy Boots

If you love stars but you’re looking for a little more subtlety, these Stars and Stones Boots by Roper will do you right. The shaft measures approximately 13″ from the arch, and the heel is 2.25”. They also have a flexible sole and soft support insole for extra comfort. These vegan western boots come in brown or black.

Price: ~$90.10

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7. Roper Sparkle Inlay Vegan Cowboy Boots

Women's Sparkle Inlay Western Boots by RoperFor a little extra country glimmer, check out these cute sparkly cowboy boots. They’re the perfect combo of rugged faux leather with a stacked 2.75” heel and a little bit of glitz underneath. The shaft measures 13″ from arch.

Price: ~$70.46 – $85.63

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8. Durango Women’s Crush Accessory Vegan Western Boots

Women's Accessorized Faux Leather Western Boot by Durango

These cool cowgirl boots by Durango have a rugged leather look and special extra features like antiqued metal hardware and wrap-around belts. They come to mid-calf, which makes them perfect with jeans or a cowgirl skirt. They sort of remind me of Guns n Roses fan, but whether or not you’re a fan of that band, if you’re looking for a unique pair of faux leather cowboy boots, this pair will fit the bill.

Price: ~$136.70 – $151.95

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9. Jessica Simpson Sparkly Zellya Bootie

If you love some extra bling in your cowgirl boots, check out the Zellya Bootie by Jessica Simpson. It’s made with synthetic materials and has enough sparkle for the stage or just a fun night out with the gals.

Price: ~$148.95

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10. Refresh Western-Style Faux Leather Boots with Rings and Strap

Black Faux Leather Western Biker Boots by RefreshFor a slightly more biker babe style western boot, check out these slouchy, ankle strap with ring boots by Refresh. They show you can be both badass and cruelty-free at the same time. The shaft is 9.75″ and they come in black or brown.

Price: $25.48 – $42.67

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11. Cambride Select Slouchy Western-Style Vegan Cowboy Boot

Slouchy Western Style Boots with Ankle Straps and Rings - Bone WhiteSimilar to the style by Refresh, these cool and cute synthetic leather boots by Cambridge Select can be worn with jeans, a skirt, of your favorite leggings. They have side pull tabs for easy on and off and they come in five different colors, including dark brown, light brown, taupe, bone, and black. The stacked heel is 2.5” and the shaft is 9.75”.

Price: $30.99 – $39.99

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12. Helen’s Heart Sequin Cowboy Boots in Purple, Turquoise Blue, and Other Colors

Sparkly Purple Cowboy BootsIf you need some extra pizzazz for your next party and faux leather cowboy boots just aren’t enough, check out these colorful and fun bling boots by Helen’s Heart. They come in purple, red, fuchsia, turquoise, pink, gold, silver, black, brown, and sparkle gray. They’re made of rubber, for all of you vegan cowgirls who live in rainy locales and like to brighten up everyone’s day when you walk by. The shaft measures 13” from the arch and the heel is 3.25”. They have a side zipper for easy on and off.

Price: $90.00 – $232.00

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Low Heel Cowboy Boots for Women

13. Roper Women’s Riley Vegan Cowboy Boots

Women's Red Cowboy Boots - Vegan Low Heel Western Riley BootsAnother classic cowboy boot with traditional top stitching, the Riley Boot by Roper is made with 100% manmade materials. This style comes in brown, red wine, and tan. The shaft measures 13″ from the arch, and the insole is padded for extra comfort.

Price: $64.74 – $78.30

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14. Roper Brown Mid-Calf Chunk Heel Boots

Women's Low Heel Low Round Toe Western Boots in Brown Faux LeatherThis cute, brown low western boot lets you show off a little more leg. The shaft measures just 9” from the arch and the heel is 1.25”.

Price: $64.95 – $76.97

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15. Roper Vegan Western Cross Boots

Women's Vegan Cowboy Boots with Crosses on Them
Sparkly crosses and decorate inlays make these low heeled vegan cowboy boots real attention getters. They come in black or brown. The shaft is 11.5″ from the arch and the heel is 1.5”. They have a padded, flexible insole and a non-marketing outsole.

Price: $82.80 – $98.99

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16. Durango Stars and Stripes Vegan Cowboy Boots

American Flag Cowboy Boots by DurangoJust in time for your 4th of July parties, these brown faux leather cowboy boots have a square toe and decorative American flags around the ankles. The shaft comes to mid-calf.

Price: ~$114.34 – $130.00

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Women’s Ankle Boot Cowboy Boots

17. Very Volatile Women’s Vegan Markie Bootie

Women's Beige Vegan Cowgirl Ankle Boots - Markie by Very VolatileThese super cute cowboy boots by Very Volatile have a 12” shaft, perfect for showing off a little more leg under your cowgirl skirt of with your skinny jeans. The heel is 2” and they have pull up straps for easy on and off. They come in tan stone.

Price: ~$67.10 – $69.95

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18. Cute Cowgirl Boots in Velvet by Very Volatile

Blue Velvet Cowboy Ankle BootsFor a truly unique look, check out these adorable cowgirl ankle booties in velvet and faux leather. They come in black, blue, or red wine. They’re 100% synthetic and the shaft measures 12” from the arch. The heels are 2”.

Price: $57.47 – $64.35

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19. Breckelle’s Faux Suede Cowgirl Booties

Faux Suede Ankle Boot Breckelle's Side View in Olive GreenBreckelle’s offers a wide variety of vegan boots, from vegan combat boots to faux leather ankle boots, and more. These faux suede western-style ankle boots come in a wide different colors, from mustard to red to black, tan, and more. Their versatile style with go with countless looks in your wardrobe. The shaft 8” from the arch and the high heel is 3.5”.

Price: $19.99 – $39.99

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20. Faux Leather V-Cutout Ankle Boots

Faux leather v-cutout western-style ankle bootsThese ankle boots are a departure from the traditional cowboy boot. But when worn with a pair of skinny jeans, I think they speak inner cowgirl who likes to have a good time.

Price: ~$34.98

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21. Cute Studded Vegan Cowgirl Ankle Booties

These cute, western-style ankle booties are made with 100% synthetic materials. They come in a few different colors, including black, dark brown, tan, white, and light blue.

Price: ~$90.00

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Men’s Cowboy Boots and Western Boots

22. Roper Men’s Non-Leather Square Toe Cowboy Boots

Men's Vegan Cowboy Boots by RoperThese faux leather men’s cowboy boots by Roper come in a few different color combinations. They have a flexible rubber sole. The shaft is 11” from the arch and the heel is 1.5”.

Price: $82.56 – $96.53

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23. Alberto Fellino Men’s Faux Leather Ankle Cowboy Boots

Men's Western Style Ankle Boot in Vegan LeatherAlberto Fellini has been making cool synthetic shoes and boots for men for decades. These men’s vegan western style ankle boots have a size zipper for easy on and off. They have classic western style stitching and a cool ankle straps and rings. They come in black and brown.

Price: ~$38.99

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24. Amali Men’s Western Style Ankle Boots

Men's Distressed Faux Leather Cowboy Ankle BootHere’s another cool men’s ankle cowboy boot. This style comes in distressed black, gray, or burgundy faux leather.

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  1. Do you know of any companies producing non leather engineer boots that look like the real deal? I know leather takes a while to break in but the old school design never goes out of style. I would opt for vegan engineer boots if they looked good ,were comfortable and available. Please let me know if any boots that you know i can look into.

    • Hi Roger, Thanks for your message. I need to update my post on Men’s Vegan Boots. But the only one I’ve found that’s sort of close, but is more of an ankle boot, is one my Polar Fox, a brand that makes a lot or men’s boots in faux leather. You can find the brand on Amazon – Here’s the boot: Polar Fox Engineer Boots
      Here’s a taller boot that says it’s synthetic, but the color is called “black leather,” so something like that, you might want to ask in the Q&A section to confirm. Generally, if you do a search for “synthetic” you’ll find the options that are not made with real leather. Good luck!


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