23 Brands that Make Vegan Clogs and Slip-Ons

Vegan Clogs and Slip-Ons

Did you know that the first pair of clogs ever worn were plant-based and vegan? In all likelihood, they were carved out of wood, so there you go! It’s hard to find ancient wooden clogs in archeological digs because old wooden shoes would have likely been used as firewood or simply decomposed over time. But an ancient pair was discovered in the Netherlands. They’re the oldest pair of wooden shoes ever found, dating back to the 13th century.

Today, you have to search a bit to find vegan clogs and slip-on shoes simply because so many styles are made with leather or suede. So, to make your search a little easier, here are some of the best options for vegan clogs and slip-on shoes that I found.

1. Vegan Birkenstock Clogs

Vegan Birkenstock ClogsWhile most Birkenstocks are made with leather, in recent years they’ve stepped things up by offering a few vegan options. These Birkenstock clogs are made with polyurethane and they’re actually dishwasher safe (once you remove the insole.) They’ve got anti-slip soles and the heel measure 1.5”. The platform is a quarter of an inch. These are great working clogs or comfy for bumming around the house or garden. And if you need extra cushioning, I’m a big fan of Sof Sole insoles.

Price: ~$89.95 – $214.08

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2. Vegan Birkenstock Slide Sandals

Vegan Birkenstock Slide SandalsBirkenstock also makes vegan versions of their popular slide sandals. I know the world is changing when I find shoes that were traditionally always made with leather suddenly come out with their vegan line. And like the iconic punk brand Dr. Martens did with their line of vegan combat boots for men and women, so the iconic hippie brand did with their sandals – yes, can now own a pair of vegan Birkenstocks.

Price: ~$23.37 – $178.08

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3. Bioworld Vegan Birkenstock-Style Slide Sandals

Bioworld Vegan Birkenstock-Style Slide SandalsBioworld is an all vegan brand that makes these cute Birkenstock-esque slide sandals in workshop in Toledo, Spain. They also make some really cute vegan boots and other styles of shoes.

Price: ~$70.45 – $115.61

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4. Nature Breeze Platform Sandals

Nature Breeze Faux Birkenstocks with Platform HeelNature Breeze makes cute vegan platform sandals, along with a wide range of other affordable faux leather and faux suede shoes. These sandals are 100% vegan.

Price: ~$24.38 – $38.99

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5. Mohop Faux Leather Slide Sandals

Mohop Faux Leather Slide SandalsHere’s another Birkenstock-inspired slip-on sandal that will have people asking you where you got your cool shoes. Mohop is another all-vegan brand that makes unique shoes and accessories with iridescent vegan leather. I featured their wallets in my vegan wallets guide.

These slip-on sandals are made in the USA.

Price: ~$148.00

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6. Sanita Vegan Clogs

Sanita vegan clogsIt can be a little hard to find this style of clog in vegan-friendly materials, but Sanita is a brand that comes through. (Please note – the product description for this style says “leather” but Sanita verified, as the product name attests, that this style is made with vegan-friendly materials.”

Price: ~$99.95

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7. Bioworld Vegan Clogs

Bioworld Vegan ClogsIn addition to their cute slip-on sandals featured above, Bioworld makes a few styles of comfortable vegan clogs. These clogs come in classic black or brown as well as bright purple and green.

Price: ~$70.45 – $115.61

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8. Clarks Step Flow Clogs

Clarks Comfy Vegan ClogsDesigns for comfort, Clarks’ Step Flow clogs are made with a synthetic wool and faux sherling lining. Plus, they have an extra-cushioned footbed. Colors include charcoal, black, light gray, and navy blue. Men’s and women’s sizes.

Price: ~$47.00 – $79.99
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9. Rialto Faux Leather Clogs

Rialto Faux Leather ClogsRialto makes a variety of faux leather clogs and slip-on shoes that are easy on your budget.

Rialto Faux Leather Mary Jane ClogsPrice: ~$24.99 – $46.99

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10. MB Faux Leather Clogs

Faux Leather Clogs by MB ClogsAnother classic design from MB Clogs, this style is made with vegan fax leather.

Price: ~$58.90

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11. JBU by Jambu Vegan Felt Clogs and Slip-ons

JBU by Jambu Vegan Felt Slip-onsJambu traditionally makes a lot of leather shoes. So, it’s great too see them come out with more vegan options like these synthetic felt slip-ons. They’re comfortable like slippers but rugged enough for light hiking.

JBU by Jambu Women's Blakely Flat
Price: ~$11.00 – $69.00
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12. Crocs

CrocsLove ‘em or hate ‘em, Crocs have redefined the footwear industry. I was definitely not a fan of Crocs until I saw my teenage nephew wearing a bright green pair similar the yellow ones pictured above. Feeling like a kid putting on her dad’s shoes, I decided to give them a try. I gave them a whirl around the living room. And, I thought, ‘Ok, these are kinda fun to wear…’ And better yet, they’re vegan.

Price: ~$17.19 – $105.91

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13. Oofos Comfort Clogs

Oofos Comfort ClogsWhen I was recovering from surgery to repair cartilage in my hip joint (resulting from years of distance running), my physical therapist recommended Oofos for walking around the house. She said that even on carpet, the more cushioning you can give your joints the better. I’ve been a fan of Oofos ever since and still wear them at home to this day. They’re not the sexiest shoes I’ve ever worn, but they’re definitely the most comfortable.

Oofos’ patented “OOfoam Recovery Technology” absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam, and the footbed is designed to reduce stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and even your lower back. These vegan clogs are also machine washable.

Price: ~ $49.35-$79.95

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14. Yoweshop Vegan Work Clogs

Yoweshop Vegan Work ClogsIf you’re looking for a great pair of vegan working clogs, check out Yoweshop. They have an anti-slip sole, making them ideal for chefs, doctors, and nurses. Plus, they come with an adjustable back strap and breathable insoles. They’re also lightweight, so comfortable to wear all day. Available in black and white.

Price: ~ $58.99

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15. Sticky Gardening Clogs

Sticky Gardening ClogsAnother great brand for vegan gardening clogs, Stickys come in a variety of fun colors, including lavender, hot pink, Kelly green, mint green, and royal blue.

These clogs are comfortable and lightweight and they have a non-slip outsole.

Price: ~$42.50 – $49.90

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16. Merrell Vegan Slip-Ons

Merrell Encore Breeze

These vegan slip-on clogs from Merrell are made with 100% synthetic materials. They’re super comfortable cushioned with extra-cushioned soles. (They make a few style in leather, so be sure to read the product details.)

Price: ~$40.99 – $100.00

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17. Amoji Vegan Clogs

Amoji Vegan ClogsThese comfort clogs by Amoji have a ventilated upper that makes them perfect for hot days of walking on a river bed. Plus, they have a non-slip sole. Amojis come in red, turquoise blue, white, black, navy blue, and more.

Price: ~$15.99 – $18.98

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18. Siam Tip Vegan Comfort Clogs

Siam Tip Vegan Comfort ClogsSiam Tip creates artisanal shoes and boots in Thailand. These comfy clogs, along with all of Siam Tip’s other styles, are 100% vegan. You can see more shoes by Siam Tip in my post about 100% vegan shoe brands.

Price: ~$52.70

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19. BC Footwear Faux Leather and Faux Suede Mules

Faux Leather and Faux Suede MulesBC Footwear makes these vegan mules in faux leather and faux suede. Whether you’re looking for dressy or casual shoes, you’ll find a variety of styles form BC Footwear in vegan-friendly materials.

Price: ~$21.00-$84.48

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20. adidas Vegan Slide Sandals

adidas Vegan Slide SandalsPerfect for after your swim workout or casual summertime strolls, these slip-on sandals from adidas come in a number of different styles, all super well-made and many with adidas’ classic stripes.

To see some of adidas eco-friendly flip flops, check out my post on recycled flip flop sandals.

Price: ~$16.78-$99.54

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21. Okabashi Vegan Slip-Ons

Okabashi Vegan Slip-OnsOkabashi is an eco-friendly footwear brand that makes their vegan slip-on sandals and other shoes with 20% recycled materials. In addition, they have their own recycling program. When you’re done with your Okabashis, you can mail them back to the company and Okabashi will use the materials to make more shoes.

Okabashi Vegan Slip-OnsPrice: ~$18.99 – $23.99

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22. Skechers Vegan Clogs

Skechers Vegan ClogsSkechers is named by PETA as one of their top brands for selling vegan footwear. While Skechers does create some styles made with leather, they also offer a good selection of vegan clogs and other shoes that are made with manmade materials. For all my vegan friends, please be sure to read the product details before you buy.

Skechers Vegan ClogsPrice: ~$18.54 – $62.00

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23. Vintage and Used Clogs

And don’t forget, vegan clogs are always a great option! I’m a huge fan of buying vintage and used clothing, shoes, and accessories. And like other shoes, there’s a great selection of vintage clogs to be had. Check out eBay and Etsy to see more.

Vintage Wooden Clogs in BlueBuy now on eBay

Vintage Wooden ClogsBuy on Etsy

Do you still need an excuse to go get yourself a pair of clogs? Let these girls inspire you!


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