9 Motivating Vegan Athlete and Fitness Pros – Video Picks

Morgan Mitchell
Australian sprinter Morgan Mitchell in The Game Changers.

As more people adopt a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, it’s interesting that many people still consider it to be an extreme way of living. This is why we appreciate the vegan athletes, body builders, and personal trainers who share their stories about being strong, healthy vegans. They exemplify the health potential of a vegan diet as well as the holistic benefits it has on a person’s entire lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite inspiring vegan athlete videos.

1. Frank Medrano

2. Dylan Kendall

3. Rich Roll

4. Lifelong Fitness with Jim Morris

5. Jehina Malik

6. Gina Wilson with Michelle Risley

7. Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine

Vegan Health and Fitness features a variety of super fit plantbased athletes.

You can get their print issues on Amazon.

8. Kirsty Botfield

9. Meagan Duhamel

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the documentary The Game Changers, about how professional athletes improved their performance by adopting a plantbased diet.

Here’s the trailer for The Game Changers:

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