Unique Luggage Tags: Recycled, Upcycled, and Leather-Free

Impress the baggage handlers and make your suitcase a standout on the airport conveyor belt with these unique luggage tags! We found a fun assortment of upcycled and recycled luggage tags, plus some made of cork and faux leather. Don’t let your bag get lost in the crowd. Let it go eco and cruelty-free – wherever you happen to roam.

Upcycled Luggage Tags by Squiggle Chick

Upcycled Hawaiian Chips Bag Luggage Tag by Squiggle ChickSquiggle Chick creates unique handmade items from upcycled trash. Founder Tracy Borders was inspired on a sailing trip in Croatia when she and her husband would stop in ports and buy Croatian potato chips. The artist in Tracy took a fancy to the bags the chips came in, which she decided to keep as a souvenir. As a person who cares about our planet, she thought the colorful bags should be used again for something useful instead of ending up in the landfill, so she started experimenting. Today, her creations have expanded beyond Croatian potato chip bags to beer bottle labels, candy wrappers, and other “throwaway” snack containers, which she upcycles into one-of-a-kind luggage tags, slim wallets, and eyeglass cases.

Prices at the time of this post: $8.00 – $12.00

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Vegan Cork Leather Travel Tag by Spicer Bags

Colorful Cork Luggage Tag by Spicer Bag

This colorful travel tag by Spicer Bags is a great blend of the Earthy simplicity of cork and fun, bright colors. Spicer Bags creates a wide array accessories, including clutches and wallets, out of Eath-friendly cork. (They do make some items with leather, particularly their larger bags, so be sure to read the product details before you buy.)

Price at the time of this post: $26.50

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Cork Travel Tags by Trade in House

Red Cork Luggage Tag by Trade in HouseTrade in House makes so many cool products from cork, including cork shoes, that it’s worth checking out their store on Etsy and going a little cork crazy! These cork luggage tags come in classic tan, brown, wine, and bright red. Cork is a natural, sustainable material that increases the cork tree’s ability to absorb CO2 when the it’s harvested. Its versatility for use in so many different products makes it a rockstar among eco-friendly materials. Trade in House’s products are made in Portugal, where cork is, naturally, the national tree.

Price at the time of this post: $19.00

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Upcycled Map Luggage Tags by Marmalime

Upcycled Map Luggage TagMarmalime founder Heidi Stevenson makes all of her upcycled map luggage tags by hand. She uses vintage maps, recycled plastics sourced from local factories, and other post-consumer materials in her creations. Heidi makes both ready-made and custom luggage tags.

Prices at the $10.75 – $18.20

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Upcycled Ski Luggage Tags by Quirky Dad

Upcycled Ski Luggage TagsIf you have a family member or friend who loves to ski or snowboard, these upcycled ski travel tags make the perfect gift (or gift tag.) Quirky Dad makes earrings, travel tags, and ornaments from reclaimed skis. If you think about it, skis are meant to take a beating, so repurposing them in to useful items once they get old makes perfect sense. These travel tags are all handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Price at the time of this post: $15.00

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Recycled PET Plastic Travel Tags by Haiku

Recycled PET Plastic Travel Tag by HaikuSeattle, Washington-based Haiku is known for their functional bags and purses, which use CYCLEPETTM fabrics. CYCLEPET is a thread that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET plastic.) These cute luggage tags come in five different colors.

Price at the time of this post: $15.00

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Upcycled Parachute and Paraglider Sail Luggage Tags by Offchutes

Upcycled Sail Luggage Tags by OffchutesOffchutes’ unique luggage tags and other accessories are not only one-of-a-kind and colorful, they’re incredible strong. Made from sturdy ripstop nylon fabric and cords from paraglider sails and parachutes, these luggage tags will hold up no matter were you jetset.

Prices at the time of this post: $16.00

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Faux Leather Luggage Tags by Lavishy

Vegan Leather Luggage Tag with Horse by LavishyLavishy makes a variety of fun clutches, wallets, and other accessories that are all 100% vegan. Who needs a leather luggage tag when you can get one that’s not only colorful and unique, but cruelty free?

Prices at the time of this post: $9.99 – $14.95

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