11 Unique Luggage Tags: Custom, Recycled, Vegan & More

Impress the baggage handlers and make your suitcase a standout on the airport conveyor belt with these unique and eco-friendly luggage tags! They’re all vegan too.

1. Upcycled Luggage Tags by Squiggle Chick

Upcycled Hawaiian Chips Bag Luggage Tag by Squiggle ChickSquiggle Chick creates special handmade items from upcycled trash. Founder Tracy Borders was inspired on a sailing trip in Croatia when she and her husband would stop in ports and buy Croatian potato chips. The artist in Tracy took a fancy to the bags the chips came in, which she decided to keep as a souvenir.

As a person who cares about our planet, she thought the colorful bags should be used again for something useful instead of ending up in the landfill, so she started experimenting. Today, her creations have expanded beyond Croatian potato chip bags to beer bottle labels, candy wrappers, and other “throwaway” snack containers, which she recycled into one-of-a-kind luggage tags, wallets, eyeglass cases, and other accessories.

Price: ~$8.25 – $12.50
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2. Upcycled Map Luggage Tags

Upcycled Map Luggage TagThis one is for all the globe trotters out there. Marmalime founder Heidi Stevenson makes all of her recycled map luggage tags by hand. She uses vintage maps, recycled plastics sourced from local factories, and other post-consumer materials in her creations. Heidi makes ready-made as well as custom luggage tags.

Price: ~$10.37

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3. Upcycled Beer 6-Pack Box Travel Tags

Unique Upcycled Beer Box Luggage Tags

Now these tags will definitely be standouts on the conveyor belt. Mindy Humphrey of Mindy’s Beer Gear creates really cool and fun luggage tags and other accessories with upcycled beer six-pack boxes. The cardboard is wrapped in vinyl to protect the design from travel wear and tear. There are tons of designs. If you have a craft beer lover in your life, this is a great gift.

Price: ~$15.00

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4. Upcycled Cartoon Luggage Tags

Recycled Cartoon Luggage Tags

Artfully Altered creates these special baggage tags with upcycled comic and other books. Get your favorite Disney, Looney Tunes, or Dr. Suess character.

Price: ~$14.45

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5. Printed Cork Luggage Tags

Printed Cork Luggage Tags

Dubbed “The Adventure Seeker’s Bag Tags,” these cute cork tags are colorful, vegan, and eco-friendly. Cork, a sustainable material, is durable and scratch- and stain-resistant. Plus, these tags are water-resistant. The pocket is covered with clear vinyl inside and will fit a standard business card. And your address stays covered with the privacy flap.

These tags measure 5.25″ x 3″ (not including the strap.) Check out the variety of patterns in Cork and Stitch’s Etsy store.

Price: ~$12.50

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6. Personalized Cork Luggage Tags

Personalized Cork Luggage Tags

Get your initial or a friend’s stitched onto these cute cork luggage tags. The reverse side has a clear sleeve that will fit a standard-sized business card. These tags measure 5″ x 2.75″.

Price: ~$8.50

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7. Custom Cork Luggage Tags

Custom Luggage Tag

Here’s another great gift idea for the eco-conscious traveler, or for yourself! These sleek baggage tags are made with sustainable cork. Southern Monogram will laser-engrave your initials or a unique design on your tag, so no one will mistake your bag for their own.

These tags have a strap and buckle, plus a paper insert that’s protected by a plastic shield. Measures 4 1/4″ x 2 3/4″ 1/16″ thick.

Price: ~$18.00

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8. Cork Cutout Bag Tags

Cork cutout bag tags

These baggage tags are also made with eco-friendly cork. Whimsical cutouts of animals and flowers will put a smile on your face. There’s a privacy cover on the back and an insert for your address and other info.

Price: ~$16.60

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9. Customized Wood Luggage Tags

Custom Sustainable Wood Baggage TagAnother great idea for a custom baggage tag – these tags are made with sustainable wood. Select from a variety of finishes on walnut, maple, or birch. Antique Characters will also laser engrave a design of your choice on the back.

And it gets better! 50% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to a nonprofit that will plant one tree.

Price: ~$12.00

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10. Recycled PET Plastic Travel Tags by Haiku

Recycled PET Plastic Travel Tag by HaikuSeattle, Washington-based Haiku is known for their functional bags and purses, which use CYCLEPETTM fabrics. CYCLEPET is a thread that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET plastic.) These cute luggage tags come in five different colors.

Price: ~$9.31

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11. Vegan Leather Luggage Tags by Lavishy

Vegan Leather Luggage Tag with Horse by LavishyLavishy makes a variety of fun clutches, wallets, and other accessories that are all 100% vegan. Who needs a leather luggage tag when you can get one that’s not only colorful but cruelty free?

Price: ~$7.99

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