The Ultimate Guide to Decadent Vegan Recipes

Vegan Chocolate Cake

We’ve heard it a gazillion times: “It’s just too hard to go vegan…” and “I can’t live without…” Blah blah blah… Thankfully, the world is changing, and vegan chefs like the ones featured here are helping to make it happen. Here are some decadent vegan dishes to tempt you over to the V Side, and if you’re already here, enjoy the ride! Be sure to check out these superstar vegan chefs’ YouTube channels for more delicious recipe ideas. And we’ll be adding more here soon.

Vegan Main Courses

Double Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger by the Sweetest Vegan

The Sweetest Vegan is true to her name, offering irresistible vegan desserts and what we call “fast-food redemption” recipes. For those foodies who are on the fence about going vegan and don’t think they can give up their Big Macs and McDonald’s apple pies, think again! The Sweetest Vegan may very well be the chef who brings you over to the plant-based side!

Vegan Pizza by the Avant-Garde Vegan

Oh pizza! It’s one of those foods that stands between ‘I think I should go vegan, but I can’t live without…’ and ‘I have seen the light! I am now 100% vegan!!’ Never fear, Gaz is here. Gaz Oakley, aka the Avant-Garde Vegan, is truly a food artist – almost to the point of total intimidation. His cooking style and vegan creations look so amazing that you sit back in awe as you watch his videos. Then you realize – ‘I gotta have that!’ And you make your shopping list and run to the store.

Vegan Nachos by Hot for Food

How do these two make vegan cooking with your main squeeze look so fun and so easy? Maybe it’s because they’re constantly getting to each other’s hearts through their stomachs… However they do it, these nachos are the real deal!

Vegan Fried Chicken by Preacher Lawson

All we can say about this one is – we want mo’ Preacher Lawson vegan recipe videos! People used to think being vegan meant being deprived. Those of us on the inside (the vegans and the people who eat vegan food :o) know that eating plant-based can be – not only decadent, but hilarious!

Vegan Desserts

Vegan Chocolate Cake by Adilicious

Some people go vegan because they want to lose weight. For those of us who can’t be bothered, there is Adilicous… What happens when you cross a trained pastry chef with some vegan ingredients? You get a very dangerous and delicious cocktail of some uber decadent treats. (Adilicous does provide non-vegan recipes, but we’re sure they’ll be even better when you make them with your vegan substitutes!)

Vegan Apple Turnover by the Buddhist Chef

Trained in Quebec, the Buddhist Chef brings simplicity and ease into making delicious vegan meals and treats. He loves to teach the vegan curious and the vegan converts alike, and provides easy-to-follow videos for recreating his healthy recipes.

Raw Vegan Rocky Road Ice Cream by Fully Raw Kristina

Bella Kristina! The queen of positive vibes and raw vegan recipes that make you beam with vitality. You can’t go wrong with her rocky road vegan ice cream. And be sure to check out her other inspiring and sincere real-life videos on her YouTube channel.

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