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Wood Sunglasses by 4est Shades

  • Brand: 4est Shades
  • Materials: Wood

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Wood is good. So it says on the 4est Shades website, and we wholeheartedly agree, because 4est Shades plants two trees for every product they sell.

  • Each pair is unique and handmade
  • Comes in black, tan, or brown
  • Polarized lenses
  • Plus, they float if you drop them in the ocean, lake, river, swimming pool – or wherever else you happen to be skinny dipping at the time!


Maplewood or cherry wood framesComes with a bamboo case
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4est Shades has an important mission: to develop really cool, beautifully-designed, eco-friendly sunglasses that make you forget you ever considered buying unsustainable petrol-plastic sunglasses. We love that mission! 4est Shades’ sunglasses are made from sustainable wood and bamboo and are one of a kind.

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