15 Rope Sandals for Women and Men from the Best Brands

Rope Sandals for Men and Women

While they’re sometimes referred to as “Jesus sandals,” rope sandals were around long before Jesus made his miraculous walk on water. In fact, not only are these sandals old, they’re the most enduring shoe trend of all time.

The oldest pair of shoes ever discovered was a pair of sandals that was found in Fort Rock Cave, Oregon in 1938. According to Wikipedia, Fort Rock Cave is the location of the earliest evidence of human habitation in the United States.

These ancient sandals were radiocarbon-dated to being from 9,000 to 13,000 years old. They comprised a simple platform that was made from woven sagebrush bark, with rope straps that were also made from plants. (Something every vegan yearns for: plant-based shoes!) The sandals were preserved under a layer of volcanic ash.

The sandals are now part of the Oregon Historical Society’s collection, and they can be seen at the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Eugene, Oregon.

The oldest shoes ever discovered were made with rope.

The oldest shoes ever discovered.
The oldest pair of shoes ever found: sandals made with sagebrush bark. Photo: Oregon Historical Society.

I was happy to find a selection of rope sandals for women and men that have modern accoutrements, including soles that are probably a lot more comfortable than sagebrush bark, but that still maintain some eco-conscious attributes.

Rope Sandals by Nomadic State of Mind

Nomadic Rope Sandals
Recycled polyester sandals by Nomadic State of Mind

Nomadic State of Mind upcycles their classic, vegan rope sandals from scrapped rugs, handbags, and water bottle carries. All of their sandals are handmade.

The company has started by Chris Anderson in the 1990s. An avid adventurer, he started his company while traveling around in his 1969 VW Bus. This adventurous lifestyle is the foundation of the company’s philosophy and it feeds into their products. Nomadic State of Mind also makes clothing with organic cotton and recycled fabrics.

Oh, and for all you water-loving adventurers, if your sandals come off in a river or lake, no worries – they’ll float.

Here’s a video about Nomadic State of Mind’s Eco-Friendly Sandals:

1. Jesus Sandals by Nomadic State of Mind for Men and Women


These classic sandals are vegan and made with recycled materials. They come in six different colors, including black, denim blue, green, gray, camel, and bone. They’re machine washable and they float. They fit both men’s and women’s feet.

To see more eco-friendly styles, check out my post on shoes made with recycled materials.

Prices: $38.00 – $42.00
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2. Women’s Gladiator Sandals by Nomadic State of Mind


These sandals are 100% vegan and eco-friendly. You’ll love the gladiator look! They’re made with recycled polypropylene rope. They come in two colors: black and camel. And, they’re machine washable.

Price $42.00

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3. Nomadic State of Mind Moksha Sandal for Men and Women

Nomadic State of Mind Recycled Rope Sandals - Moksha
Moksha Recycled Rope Sandals by Nomadic State of Mind

This flip flop-style rope sandal fits men’s and women’s feet. It comes in camel and comfortably wraps around your toes.

Price $19.00

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4. Ropals Handmade Sandals

Handmade Vegan Rope Sandals by Ropals
Handmade sandals by Ropals

Ropals also hand makes a few different styles of vegan sandals using polypropylene rope.

Price: ~$29.99 – $36.99

5. The Hippies Way Sandals

Naked Hippies Way Rope Sandals
Rasta Rope Sandals by The Hippies Way

The Hippies Way makes hand makes their rope sandals in a variety of colors, including red, purple, green, and of course – Rasta-style multi.

Price: ~$35.00

6. Roxy Rope-Style Flip Flop Sandals


If you love surfer girl style, Roxy has your covered. These kickback rope-style flip flops are comfy and perfect the beach of backyard plantbased BBQs. To see more styles, visit my post on eco-friendly and vegan flip flops.

Available colors: black, cream, and multi

Price $20.63 – $60.00

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7. Megnya Ladies’ Walking Sandals


Megnya’s super comfortable rope sandals are perfect for beach days, traveling, or walking your pup around town. They come in a few different styles and in tons of colorful combinations.

To see more great sandals for walking, visit my post on vegan sport sandals.

Price: ~$25.00 – $39.00

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8. Plaka Handmade Rope Sandals

Rope sandals by Plaka
Handmade Greek-style sandals by Plaka

Plaka’s handmade, vegan sandals are made in Southeast Asia and named for a neighborhood in Athens, Greece.

Here’s a video from Plaka about how their handmade sandals are made:

Available in lots of different colors.

Price: ~$19.00 – $20.99

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9. Hidden Treasure Co. Women’s Vegan Tuk Tuk Sandals

Women's Vegan Rope Sandals
Hidden Treasure Tuk Tuk Sandals

These Tuk Tuk rope sandals are handmade in Thailand. The rope is synthetic and the insole is faux leather. These vegan sandals come in a variety of color combinations. The outsoles are made with rubber, so you get a little extra cushioning and traction when you walk. Lightweight and comfortable, they make great travel sandals.

Vegan Rope Sandals in Green and Black
HIdden Treasure Vegan Sandals

Price: ~$39.00

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10. Everlax Women’s Vegan Rope Flip Flop Sandals

Vegan Rope Sandals in Red
Women’s Vegan Rope Flip Flop Sandals by Everlax

These comfy flip flop-style rope sandals come in a variety of colors, including red, black, orange, gray, and navy blue.

Price $11.99 – $15.99

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11. Ahyoka Africa Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals - Lavender Hemp Rope
Barefoot Sandals by Ahyoka Africa

If they don’t have soles, are they still sandals? I think so! These barefoot rope sandals are too adorable to not include here. They’re handmade in South Africa with lavender hemp cords and silver beads by Ahyoka Africa.

Price: $29.00 – $40.00

Buy on Etsy


12. Natural Thong-Style Hemp Rope Sandals


Hemp is a sustainable material that doesn’t require heavy pesticide and herbicide use to grow. It’s naturally anti-microbial, which means these sandals will maintain a good smell, even if you’re running around and sweating in them on a hot summer day! Hemp also softens with wear, like your favorite pair of blue jeans. So, it’s an ideal material for rope sandals. To see more styles, check out my post dedicated solely to hemp sandals. And if you’re looking for something more rugged, check out my post on hemp shoes.

Janice Winner imports a variety of hemp sandals and other accessories from China, which you can see in her Etsy store. (Beware, she does have some styles, not shown here, that use pig’s skin in the soles, so please read the product details.)These hemp rope sandals have flattering toe and ankle straps. They come in natural beige.

Price: ~$45.00

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13. Flip Flop-Style Hemp Rope Sandals for Men and Women

Sustainable Hemp Rope Flip-Flop Style Sandals in Tan and Brown
Hemp Flip Flop Rope Sandals

Here’s another style that’s imported by Janice Winner. They’re made with eco-friendly, sustainable, and vegan hemp. They’ll fit men’s and women’s feet.

Price: $40.00

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14. Black and Natural Straw Hemp Rope Sandals

Minimalist, Natural Vegan Sandals, Straw and Hemp
Straw and Hemp Rope Sandals

These minimalist sandals are handmade with soft black straps and straw soles.

Price: $25.00
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15. Hemp Rope Sandal Slides for Women and Men


If you prefer comfortable slide style sandals, these natural hemp sandals will do the trick. They’ll fit men’s or women’s feet.

Price: $45.00

Buy on Etsy

Happy Summer!
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