Yummy Recipe Videos from Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cheap Lazy Vegan
Rose, the Creator of Cheap Lazy Vegan.

Why do I love Rose, the creator of Cheap Lazy Vegan? Let me count the ways… To begin, when it comes to cooking, yup, I can be quite lazy. Make it delicious – and easy – and budget-friendly, and I’m sold. Rose busts the myth that being vegan is complicated, hard, and expensive. She makes veganism accessible, and wow, does the world need more of that. In her own words, Rose says:

“I would like to leave my mark on this floating rock that we call Earth by showing the world and humanity that being a vegan is not difficult, and that it’s just a simple change in mindset and lifestyle.”

Amen. You can learn more about Rose in her blog.

Here are some delicious, easy, and affordable recipes from Cheap Lazy Vegan:


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