The Best Vegan Dog Collars on the Planet

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If your four-legged friends could talk, no doubt they’d say, “Make sure our collars are cruelty-free!” And no worries. You can ease your loyal friends’ minds because today there are tons of cool dog collars available that are also vegan! On UniGuide, all of the collars you’ll find are vegan. Your pup may be an omnivore, but his collar can be leather-free!

Why get a vegan dog collar?

At UniGuide, we’re working on making leather a thing of the past. And with so many alternative materials available that are just as durable as leather but do not harm animals in their making, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect, animal-friendly collar for your pup. In addition, the dog collars we present here have a lighter environmental footprint than leather collars or non-leather collars that are made from materials like virgin nylon. Eco-friendly materials like hemp, recycled plastic, and upcycled bicycle inner tubes, to name a few, are super strong and make great cruelty-free collars.

So why are we so anti-leather? Because leather is not healthy for people, for animals, or our planet. According to PETA, one billion animals are killed every year so their skin can be used to make clothing, shoes, and accessories – and that includes pet accessories, such as leather dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. The life of an animal that is exploited for his or her skin or any other body part is one of unimaginable and needless suffering. That kind of suffering has no place in our modern world. In addition, the process of turning animal skin into leather – called tanning – utilizes toxic chemicals that are harmful for workers as well as the environment.

So that’s why we say, ‘Ditch the leather collar and get one that’s animal-friendly!’ Your pup deserves to play in cruelty-free style.

Here are 10 brands we love that are making cruelty-free, vegan dog collars:

1. Planet Dog

2. Earthdog

3. Dutch Dog Amsterdam

4. Lupine

5. Dublin Dog Company

6. Cycle Dog

7. Rekindled Pride

8. River Dog Hemp

9. Happy’s Pets Products

10. Petz Best

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