Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Eco-Friendly Phone Case

We love seeing the wide variety of eco-friendly phone cases available these days!

Today, there is absolutely no reason to pollute the planet with a plastic phone case or one made of other undesirable materials (like leather – ick!)  The time to make your can’t-live-without-it accessory more sustainable is now!

Here are a few reasons why a phone case made from sustainable materials is a good idea:

  • 6 billion is the number of cell phone users around the globe. (United Nations Telecom Agency)
  • 18 months is the average time people keep their cell phones before getting a new one.
  • 1 billion is the number of cellphones that go into production annually. (The World Counts)

Even if just 1% of the people who are replacing their phones buys a plastic cell case, that’s a heck of a lot of plastic going into the landfill or the ocean every 18 months, and staying there – for a very long time.

What makes a phone case eco-friendly?

Here are things to look for:

  • Made from natural, sustainable, and easily biodegradable materials, such as bamboo, cork, or sustainably-harvested wood
  • Made of biodegradable plastic or 100% recycled plastic
  • Made of toxic-free materials
  • Comes with a carbon-neutral validation
  • Has environmental certifications

We look for conscientious companies that value great product design and superb quality and use Earth-friendly materials. And of course – the case needs to do a stellar job of protecting your phone!

If you’re looking for a cell phone case in a specific Earth-friendly material, here are 5 options presented on UniGuide:

1. Wood Phone Cases

2. Bamboo Phone Cases

3. Cork Phone Cases

4. Recycled Phone Cases

5. Bioplastic Phone Cases


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