The Ultimate Wood Sunglasses Buying Guide

Wood Sunglasses by Woodies on Smiling Guy

There’s no doubt about it, wood sunglasses make a fashion forward statement in today’s world. Not only are they planet-friendly – they’re also one-of-a-kind. Today, you can find wood-framed sunglasses made with woods including cherry, maple, and pear. And because every tree is different, no two pairs are exactly the same.

6 Innovative Brands Making Eco-Friendly Wooden Sunglasses

1. 4est Shades

4est Shades is a new brand on the scene that can’t be ignored. Their wooden sunglasses are all natural and handmade out of gorgeous maple and cherry wood. 4est Shades also makes styles in bamboo that are sleek and dripping with Ray-Ban-cool style.

All of 4est’s eco-friendly sunglasses are polarized to provide the UV protection you’d expect from any top brand. Plus, their high-quality wooden and bamboo sunglasses are super durable. These babies are built to last! Every pair of sunglasses comes with an engraved bamboo case and a microfiber cloth for upkeep and safekeeping.

4est Shades may be making wood frame sunglasses, but don’t doubt their forest-friendly mission. They plant two trees for every pair of shades they sell. [Purchase on Amazon.]

2. Amoloma

Dice Pear Wood Sunglasses by AmolomaAmoloma is a no-frills, no-jokes brand that is in the game to make the best eco-friendly sunglasses on the market. In addition to their cool wood sunglasses, they produce styles made from bamboo, cellulose acetate, and recycled skateboards.

The lenses in Amoloma’s sunglasses are polarized for optimal UV protection. Among their wood sunglasses, they offer a variety of natural tones. And if you’re looking for even more colorful options, check out their styles made from recycled skateboards. [Purchase on Amazon.]

3. Proof

Wooden Sunglasses by Proof on Girl in Plaid ShirtA pioneer in the sustainable eyewear industry, Proof has been making eco-friendly wooden sunglasses since 2010. Their wooden frames are FSC certified. FSC is short for the Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international nonprofit that sets global standards for forest products. These standards help to promote eco-friendly, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. In addition to using sustainable materials in their products, Proof donates to charitable organization around the world. Through their Do Good Program, to date, they’ve donated 12% of their annual profits to these causes.

In recent years, Proof has ventured out of the sawmill and expanded to using recycled aluminum and bioplastics in their frames. This Boise, Idaho-based company offers a great selection of designs and colors, and as each frame is handcrafted. You’ll find a pair that’s truly your own. Proof lenses are UVA and UVB protected, and if you need prescription lenses you can easily switch out their standard lenses for your own. [Purchase on Amazon.]

4. Sherwood Shades

Dark Wood Sunglasses by Sherwood ShadesSherwood Shades is a relative newcomer in the wooden sunglasses market, but their ebony wood sunglasses are making a splash. Their cool dark frames are handmade from sustainable and eco-friendly sources. Plus, the quality they offer for the price is hard to beat.

Sherwood’s sunglasses are perfect for beachgoers and poolside loungers, and not just because they provide superior UV protection. Sherwood Shades also float, so you won’t have to worry about losing your sunglasses while lounging in the pool or riding the waves. [Purchase on Amazon.]

5. Woodies

wood-wayfarer-sunglasses-by-woodiesAs the name implies, Woodies is all about wooden sunglasses. Like we are, they’re devoted to making petrol-plastic a thing of the past. Thus, Woodies offers some of the most versatile wood sunglasses designs available. They feature a wide variety of men’s and women’ styles. Plus, they offer a broad selection of frame shapes and an impressive collection of woods, including rose, zebra, and the exquisite walnut. [Purchase on Amazon.]

6. Hammockable

Eco-Conscious Wood Sunglasses by HammockableHammockable plants five trees for every pair of sunglasses they sell in partnership with the nonprofit Trees for the Future. The organization helps families transition from destructive farming techniques to a forest garden system that helps sustain them for the long term. Hammockable gets the natural maple wood for their sunglasses from the unused wood scraps that are left over from the production of skateboards. [Purchase on Amazon.]

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