• Recycled PET Plastic Phone Case by CSERA with Pineapple
  • recycled-pet-plastic-phone-case-by-csera-mermaid
  • recycled-pet-plastic-phone-case-by-csera-japanese-wave
  • recycled-pet-plastic-phone-case-by-csera-mountain
  • recycled-pet-plastic-phone-case-by-csera-birds-flowers-fox
  • recycled-pet-plastic-phone-case-by-csera-moroccan

Recycled PET Plastic Cell Phone Cases by CSERA

  • Brand: Csera
  • Materials: Recycled Plastic

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Csera is a graphic designer and artist who designs all of her phone cases. Be sure to check out her store on Etsy to see more! How do you choose?

100% recycled, post-consumer PET plastic

CSERA’s mobile phone cases are made from 100% recycled PET certified plastics and they use environmentally safe inks. CSERA also puts an emphasis on their packaging, which is handmade from recycled materials and beautifully designed. CSERA’s phone cases are imported from Turkey.

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