• Men's Brown Eco Sandal with Cork Footbed and Recycled Straps by Sole
  • Men’s Black  Eco Sandal with Cork Footbed and Recycled Straps by Sole
  • Men’s Blue Eco Sandal with Cork Footbed and Recycled Straps by SOLE
  • Men’s Brown Eco Sandal with Cork Footbed and Recycled Straps by SOLE, Good Boat Shoes with White Soles
  • Men’s Black  Eco Sandal with Cork Footbed and Recycled Straps by SOLE, front view

Men’s Cork and Recycled Polyester Flip Flops by SOLE

  • Brand: SOLE
  • Materials: Cork

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These sandals from eco-conscious footwear company SOLE come in Earthy brown, blue, and black.

  • You can also choose between black or white soles (which are great for wearing on a boat)



These eco-friendly and vegan sandals by SOLE have a padded cork footbed

  • Recycled polyester and hemp uppers
  • Cork-wrapped footbed
  • 100% vegan



SOLE makes custom footbeds for uber athletes, like mountaineer Ed Viesturs, ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes, and downhill skier Chris Davenport. And luckily for the rest of us – they also makes some laid back flip flops that borrow from that same sole-loving technology.

SOLE takes corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship seriously, thinking about the lives of their customers as well as those of future generations. This led them to using cork, an all-natural and sustainable material, in their shoes, as well as other Earth-friendly materials, like hemp and recycled polyester.

In 2007, SOLE adopted the ReCORK program, which has become North America’s largest natural cork wine recycling program. Recycled wine corks go into their comfortable footbeds. You can read more about why cork is such an amazing natural material in UniGuide’s blog post “Why Cork Is Such an Awesome Material for Sustainable Products.”

SOLE also focus on reducing their carbon footprint and runs a business that is carbon negative, as a result of planting cork trees, harvesting the bark, recycling wine corks, and purchasing carbon offsets.

A company that shares values with UniGuide, SOLE supports initiative that focus on health, fitness, mitigating climate change, and social responsibility. Some of the organizations they support include Big City Mountaineers, which is an urban youth mentoring program that focuses on building life skills through wilderness adventures; Protect Our Winters, which is a global winter sports collective that educates communities about the effects of climate change; Karno Kids, a nonprofit that supports youth-centric programs that encourage and support young people to be more physically active and to preserve the environment for future generations; and Soles4Souls, a global nonprofit that fights poverty by distributing new and used shoes and clothing to people in need.

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