• Cycle Dog Recycled Dog Collar with Bottle Opener
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Cycle Dog Upcycled Bicycle Tire Dog Collars

  • Brand: Cycle Dog
  • Materials: Upcycled Tires or Inner Tubes

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Cycle Dog’s eco-friendly and vegan dog collars are handmade in Portland, Oregon.

  • Dries quickly, won’t fray, and won’t get stinky
  • Tons of color combinations
  • Comes with hardware that can serve as a bottle opener
  • Made in the USA

Upcycled bicycle inner tubes and other post-consumer recycled materials

Like to ride bikes or you did as a kid? Apply that sense of fun to your dog’s collar–while keeping old bicycle inner tubes out of the landfill.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Cycle Dog creates a variety eco-friendly pet accessories, including: dog collars, leashes, harnesses, blankets, and bowls.

Since 2009, they’ve reclaimed hundreds of thousands of discarded tire inner tubes that would have gone to the landfill or some other undesirable location and they’ve repurposed them into durable pet accessories.


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