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Natural Cork iPad Mini Case by Reveal

  • Brand: Reveal
  • Materials: Cork, Recycled Materials

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This handcrafted iPad Mini case is made with sustainable cork, a renewable natural resource. When cork bark is harvested, it doesn’t harm the tree, and enables it to absorb even more CO2! Cork forests serve as an important natural habitat for over 13,000 species of animals, plants, and insects that can’t be found anywhere else.

Natural, sustainable cork exterior and lining made with recycled materials

For every product you purchase, Reveal plants a tree. The fact that they make a number of really cool products, including eco-friendly iPhone and iPad Mini cases, as well as foldable keyboards and a solar powered speaker, makes it easy to get those trees planted! To date, in conjunction with American Forests, they’ve already helped plant over 40 million trees around the world.

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