• Recycled Fishing Net Skateboard by Bureo, Wheels
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Bureo Recycled Fishing Net Skateboard

  • Brand: Bureo
  • Materials: Recycled Nylon

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The Bureo Eco-Cruiser skateboard boasts a 25″ deck that is made from recycled fishing nets. Each skateboard keeps more than 30 square feet of harmful nylon plastic fishing nets out of the ocean and away from harming marine life.

  • Fish scale-pattern deck makes for an easy foot grip
  • Eco-cruiser wheels measure 63mm/78a duro Satori and are made from 30% vegetable oil and have 100% recycled cores
  • Wheels come in yellow, blue, orange, or hot pink
  • Premium Bustin ABEC 7 bearings

Recycled fishing nets



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How cool is this company? Bureo developed a recycling program in Chile, dubbed “Net Positiva,” which provides collection points where fishermen and other locals can drop off discarded fishing nets that are polluting our oceans. According to Bureo, fishing nets make up 10% of the plastic pollution in the ocean. The Net Positiva program gets the fishing nets, which are hazardous to marine life, out of the sea, while providing financial incentives to local communities to help.

Bureo then recycles the fishing nets into a material that is used to make their products.

On a mission to get plastics out of the ocean, Bureo is backed by the grandaddy of Earth-loving product companies: Patagonia via Tin Shed Ventures.

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