• Organic Brazilian Hammock from the Amazon with Palm Tree
  • amazonian-100-organic-moriche-rope-hammock
  • Organic Moriche Brazilian Amazonian Hammock Closeup
  • amazonian-100-organic-moriche-rope-hammock-closeup

Handwoven Brazilian-style Hammock Made with Amazonian Moriche Palms

  • Brand: Moon Jungle
  • Materials: Organic Natural Fibers

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These beautiful, organic hammocks are custom made and one-of-a-kind.

  • Natural color accented with with 2-3 custom color combinations in blue, purple, orange, red, yellow, tan, and green
  • Handmade by artisans from the Amazon region of Venezuela


100% plant fiber from organic moriche palms – Mauritia flexuosa

These natural Amazonian hammocks are made by local artisans and can take up to three months to create. They are woven with a method that has been passed down for generations by indigenous people in the Venezuelan Amazon who make their living with their artwork.

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