21 Bamboo Longboards + Reclaimed Wood, Recycled & Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo, Reclaimed Wood, and Recycled Longboards and Skateboards

If you love skateboarding, you’re not alone. There are around 16 million skateboarders in the U.S. and another four million around the world, according to the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). Skateboarders vary in style and intensity, from casual cruisers to daredevil freestylers, and today there’s a board style for everyone too.

The bamboo longboards you see today, and their shorter skateboard counterparts, are the descendants of some innovative ancestors.

While it can be argued which kid created it where first, the ancestor of the skateboards we see today was most likely a wooden crate strapped to a pair of roller skates. I can see how this invention easily happened. When my brothers and I were kids, of our own accord, we decided it would be a good idea to go sliding down the steep wooden stairs in our old house in cardboard boxes. We rode down the stairs in boxes at neck breaking speeds for hours of repeated fun and tons of scrapes and bruises.

One of the first recorded sightings of kids strapping crates to roller skates was by Betty Magnuson, a woman who was in the U.S. Army in France during WWII. She saw French kids in the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris riding on crates and boards that had roller skate wheels attached to them.

A little later, in another part of the world – Hawaii circa 1950, legend has it that it was surfers who created the first longboard skateboards. According to the website Snow Board Jones, these surfers wanted to mimic the “rolling motion of waves and the balance required by surfing” when they were stuck on dry land when the waves weren’t good. So, they elongated the boards-on-wheels, calling the sport “sidewalk surfing.”

Skateboarding has evolved to become not just a way to have fun and get around – but to a serious, bona fide sport. In 2020, it will finally be an official Olympic sport.

In many ways, skateboard materials have evolved too, but in other ways – they’ve stayed the same. While today you see skateboard decks that are made of aluminum, nylon, Plexiglas, fiberglass, foam, and composites, the majority of skateboard decks are still made with Canadian maple wood, and increasingly with bamboo. The other parts of the skateboard – the trucks, are usually made with aluminum or other metals, like brass, steel, or alloy, as well as nylon. And the wheels are usually made with polyurethane, which is a synthetic rubber polymer. (Source: MadeHow.com)

North American Maple Tree Forest
North American maple tree forest. Traditionally, skateboards have been made from maple trees, which die when the wood is harvested, unlike bamboo, which keeps growing.

For this post, I zeroed in on bamboo longboards and skateboards, as well as those made with reclaimed and sustainable wood. I love seeing things made with as natural materials as possible. But it’s true that skateboards that are made with wood and bamboo are comprised of layers of those materials, which are pressed and held together with polyvinyl glues. So, you can’t say they’re exactly biodegradable, despite being made with natural materials. Furthermore, the polyurethane wheels are generally too expensive to recycle. Thus, skateboards are not exactly eco-friendly.

The industry does have a ways to go in terms of creating a cradle-to-cradle skateboard. But as is happening with some surfboard manufacturers, I’m happy to see environmentally-conscious skateboard companies and trying to make strides in that direction. I showcase a few of them here. I should mention that there are some cool accessories, including jewelry and sunglasses, that innovative product designers are making with recycled skateboard decks. You can see some of them in my post on recycled sunglasses. And if you’re looking for great shoes for boarding, check out my post on vegan skate shoes.

Now, onto the boards!

Bamboo Longboards

1. Longboards by Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Longboards by Bamboo Skateboards

As their name implies, Bamboo Skateboards is all about bamboo longboards and skateboards. Knowing that a lot of Canadian maple trees are cut down to feed the skateboard market, they set out to create a more environmentally sustainable board. When a maple tree is cut down, it dies. Bamboo, on the other hand, can be harvested, but the plant will continue to grow – and quickly. But like maple wood, bamboo has flexibility while still being strong, which makes it an ideal material for skateboard decks.

Bamboo Skateboard’s longboards come in a selection of striking designs and shapes, including pintail and drop-through. And you can get them fully assembled or you can just buy the decks.

What customers say:

  • One customer noted that if you haven’t ridden on bamboo, there may be a bit of an adjustment to get used to it, but once you do, it feels super sturdy and can take a lot of punishment and serious riding.
  • Another customer said they didn’t feel any difference between maple and bamboo, and that this desk had much more flexibility and pop than they were expecting.

About the brand:
Bamboo Skateboards set out to make a more eco-friendly board, and to help lessen the number of maple trees that are cut down for the skateboard market. They offer a variety of shapes and lengths of boards. I feature one of their shorter bamboo skateboards later in this post.

Here’s a video featuring Bamboo Skateboards’ cool boards:

Price: ~ $24.00 – $194.00

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2. Bamboo Longboard Skateboard by Ten Toes Board Emporium
Bamboo Longboard Skateboard by Ten Toes Board Emporium

Ten Toes’ sleek 44” bamboo longboards are designed in California. They come in a variety of different finishes, all with a cool vintage look, which complements the natural look of the bamboo. With lightweight, sturdy aluminum trucks and smooth 70mm wheels, these boards are designed for effortless gliding and carving.

What customers say:

  • Customers says this is a great board for beginners or those who like to ride mellow.
  • One customer said that despite her petite stature, this longboard was easy to pick up and carry around.
  • Another customer said they love the design so much, they installed a hanger on their wall to hang the board like a piece of art.

About the brand:
Inspired by 1960s surf culture, Ten Toes Board Emporium crafts and produces boards for skateboarding and stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Ten Toes says they design products that are geared to get people outside, having fun, and chasing adventures.

Price: ~ $59.99

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3. Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard by Loaded

 Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard by Loaded

This bamboo longboard by Loaded Boards is made for carving and cruising. Cutouts on either side of the wheels allow for much tighter turns, giving you a ton of agility for urban commuting, tricks, or just cruising at high speed.

Loaded uses a combination of laminated bamboo and fiberglass to create hard-wearing decks that have a lot of flexibility. They’re ready to withstand constant use on busy streets or rough terrain. And the combination of Orangatang wheels with Loaded’s Jehu V2 bearings offers high performance, giving you a well-balanced ride every time.

What customers say:

  • One customer said this board is well-rounded, lightweight, and extremely responsive. And it handles challenging surfaces like wet gravel with grace.
  • Another customer who’s been skating for years said this was the best board they ever encountered, and that it’s well worth the investment.

About the brand:
Avid skateboarders, the team at Loaded Boards says they build the kind of longboards they’d want to ride themselves. From humble beginnings, they spent time honing their craft to produce some of the highest quality boards available.

Here’s a video of the Loaded Tan Tien in action:

Price: ~ $322.00

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4. Bamboo Cruiser Longboard by Jucker Hawaii

Bamboo Cruiser Longboard by Jucker HawaiiIf you’re looking for a smooth ride on a harder, sturdier board, then check out the Makahuna Kaha. It’s crafted with bamboo plus an extra layer of hard maple wood, making it a bit stiffer than the average longboard, which provides extra integrity for hard use on rough terrains.
This is the right choice for cruisers looking for a solid deck that can withstand the daily urban commute. It has wide trucks and soft 78A wheels that can handle tarmac, asphalt, and trickier surfaces.

What customers say:

  • One customer said this was their first ever longboard, and they couldn’t be happier with it. They said it’s easy to maneuver and great on tough ground, making it ideal for beginners.
  • Another customer who’s used many boards over the years said this was smoothest one they’ve ever ridden. They also said it has great turning, making it exceptional at dodging people or other obstacles in an urban environment.

About the brand:
Started by two friends, Jucker Hawaii’s products reflect the idyllic lifestyle and famous boarding culture of Hawaii. They use recycled and eco-friendly materials as often as they can, reflecting their native Hawaiian-inspired ethos of protecting the Earth and giving back what you take.

Here’s a video from Jucker Hawaii:

Price: ~ $139.95 – $159.95
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5. Bamboo Cruiser Longboard by Magneto

Bamboo Cruiser Longboard by Magneto

This longboard by Magneto is 42” and it’s made with bamboo and fiberglass, making it great for cruising, carving, or freestyling tricks. It has 7″ gravity-cast heavy duty aluminum trucks that are designed for carving and sharp turns. And it has 70mm x 53mm high rebound polyurethane 78A wheels with ABEC 11 bearings.

About the brand:
Magneto Longboards aim to make high-quality boards that are also affordable. Their bamboo longboards have a fresh, natural look with etched graphics, and a clear epoxy sanded top.

Here’s a video about the Magneto Cruiser Longboard:

Price: ~$129.99

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6. Bamboo Lookout Drop-Thru Longboard by Sector 9

Bamboo Lookout Drop-Thru Longboard by Sector 9

This bamboo longboard with its drop-through mount design is 41” by 9.6”. It’s made with vertically laminated bamboo. The hardware includes 10” Gullwing Charger trucks and 74mm 78A offset TS wheels. This is a great commuting board that rolls smoothly over sidewalk cracks, pebbles, and rocks. And the drop-through truck mounts make the board lower, easier to push, and more stable than others in its class.

About the brand:
A veteran in the skateboarding space, Sector 9 has been creating skateboards and longboards for over 25 years. They’re a company that is clearly devoted to their customers and their sport. And they’re happy to support pro boarders and skateboarding events around the world.

Here’s a video from Sector 9:

Price: ~$174.69

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7. Bamboo Longboards by White Wave

Bamboo Longboard by White Wave

This bamboo longboard by White Wave is 40” long and comes complete with 180mm aluminum trucks and 65mm x 50mm high-rebound polyurethane wheels. It’s ready to go as soon as it arrives on your doorstep. It rolls smoothly, making it ideal for effortless carving and cruising. The clear grip tape allows the beautiful blend of bamboo and Canadian maple to shine through.

What customers say:

  • One customer thought the price was almost too good to be true – they were blown away by the quality of the board for the money. Plus, they said it rolls smoothly right out of the box.
  • Another customer said they usually buy cheaper decks and upgrade the trucks and wheels, but with this board, they didn’t see any need to upgrade anything because the standard parts are all high-quality.

About the brand:
White Wave makes longboards in a few different shapes using maple wood and eco-friendly bamboo. They set out to create durable, quality boards at affordable prices. After rigorous testing and more than a few scrapes and bruises, they unleashed their maple and bamboo longboards with their natural aesthetics and super durable in their construction.

Price: ~ $99.00

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8. Bamboo Longboard Cruiser by Quest
Bamboo Longboard Cruiser by Quest

Quest makes a number of quality bamboo longboards at affordable prices. Sizes range from 36” to 44”. The Super Cruiser, featured here, is 44”. They’re made with layers of maple wood and have a bamboo deck. These longboards come with genuine ABEC 7 speed bearings, 7” aluminum trucks, precision ABEC 7 bearings, and hollow 4mm risers.

What customers say:

  • Quest’s Super Cruiser Longboard gets rave reviews from hundreds of customers. They say it’s great in an urban setting, for riding downhill fast, doing freestyle stunts, and more.

About the brand:
Quest makes classic longboard skateboards, “do it all” cruisers, old school banana boards, and open wheel downhill bombers. All of their boards are designed with this mission in mind: to add excitement and adventure to your life, wherever it takes you.

Price: ~ $59.00 – $110.00

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Bamboo Skateboards

9. Mini Bamboo Skateboard by Eggboards
Mini Bamboo Skateboard by Eggboards

If you’re tired of carrying around a long, bulky board, you’ve got to check out the Eggboard. At a diminutive 19”, the Eggboard is the smallest skateboard of its kind – and aptly named for its unmistakable shape. Despite its short length, it comes fitted with wide 7” longboard trucks, giving you a ride that’s surprisingly smooth on your commute to and from work or school, or when riding with your pals. This is a fun board for kids and grownups alike.

What customers say:

  • Once you get used to how short this skateboard is, you’ll find that it handles just as well as any other board. Plus, it easily handles bumps and loose gravel with its longboard-width trucks.
  • Another customer said this board is compact but not too small, and that it’s wonderfully light and reliable. They also said they didn’t feel a need to upgrade any parts after trying it out.

Girl on an Eggboard Skateboard

About the brand:
Eggboards’ founder Paolo Dobrowolny wanted a skateboard that was small enough to easily fit into an overhead-sized suitcase or backpack. He couldn’t find one, so he decided to make his own. Fast forward to today, and he’s now producing his mini Eggboard skateboards by the dozen out of his workshop in San Francisco.

Here’s a video of Eggboards in action:

Price: ~ $99.00

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10. Bamboo Skateboards by Bamboo Skateboards

Bamboo Skateboards by Bamboo Skateboards

This ultra-affordable skateboard by Bamboo Skateboards is flexible yet sturdy, and it won’t break like its less eco-friendly counterparts. Lightweight and portable, it’s only 22.5” by 6”, making it compact enough to put in a backpack, your school locker, or behind the seat in your car. It comes pre-assembled with chrome ABEC 7 metal shield bearings with spacers, 85 mm trucks, and smooth-riding 59mm x 39 mm wheels. Its deck is made with eco-friendly bamboo, following Bamboo Skateboards’ commitment to reducing maple tree deforestation by providing eco-friendly alternatives that function just as well as Canadian maple.

Price: ~$39.95

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Recycled Skateboards

11. Recycled Skateboard by Ridge Skateboards

Recycled Skateboard by Ridge Skateboards
Built in the UK, this 27″ mini cruiser is made with recycled car bumpers. Its compact size means you can easily store it after riding it to work or school. And, it’s small and lightweight enough to tuck under your arm and carry it when you can’t ride it. It ships complete with 59mm polyurethane 78A rubber wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. This little cruiser can handle all kinds of surfaces, making it great for fun and commuting.

What customers say:

  • Customers love the compact size of this board. But they said it’s still sturdy enough to carry big riders as well as kids.

About the brand:
Ridge hand makes all of their skateboards in Manchester, England. They specialize mini cruiser skateboards with sturdy designs that they sell at affordable prices for everyone.

Price: ~ $39.99

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12. Recycled Aluminum Cruiser Skateboard by Aluminati
Recycled Aluminum Cruiser Skateboard by Aluminati

This eco-friendly, recycled skateboard is light and durable, thanks to its aluminum deck. It’s made with recycled aircraft-grade aluminum, which gives it remarkable durability while being eco-friendly. This skateboard’s unique multicolored design was created by artist Stephen Whalen. It comes ready to ride with grip tape, trucks, and wheels already installed.

What customers say:

  • Customer love the overall design of Aluminati’s aluminum skateboards.

About the brand:
Using recycled aluminum, Aluminati Skateboards crafts super durable skateboards that allow for ample customization. All of their boards are made in Corona, California from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. Aluminati focuses on reducing as much waste as possible in their production. They’re also a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of sales to support environmental causes.

Price: ~ $79.95

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13. Recycled Plastic Skateboard by Bureo

Recycled Nylon Fishing Net Skateboard by BureoThis cool, environmentally conscious skateboard by Bureo is made with reclaimed fishing nets that would otherwise be polluting the ocean. The fish scale design on its deck hints at where this skateboard’s materials were salvaged. It also provides extra grip for fast riding and turns. This board has a short 25” deck. One of the few boards featured here that also has eco-friendly wheels, its 63mm 78A duro Satori Eco-Cruiser wheels are made with 30% veggie oil and 100% recycled cores. It also boasts premium Bustin ABEC 7 bearings.

Every one of Bureo’s skateboards keep 30 square feet of harmful plastic fishing nets out of the ocean, where they otherwise could be killing marine life.

What customers say:

  • Customers say this board moves fast and is pretty flexible, so get ready if you’re a first-time rider!

About the brand:
With eco-conscious outdoor wear company Patagonia as an investor, Bureo collects discarded fishing nets from around the coasts of Chile, and recycles them quality outdoor products, including sunglasses, skateboards, surf wear, and more. I covered their sunglasses in my post about recycled sunglasses.

You can learn more about Bureo’s fishnet recycling program in this video:

Price: ~ $149.00

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14. Skateboards Made from Recycled Skateboard by Iris

 Skateboards Made from Recycled Skateboard by Iris

Iris Skateboards recycles old skateboard decks and reincarnates them into colorful, one-of-kind new skateboards. They come in a seven different shapes and sizes, ranging from 25” to 29”. You can buy the decks on their own or as fully complete skateboards, and there are five different wheel colors to choose from.

About the brand:
From their workshop in San Francisco, California, Iris Skateboards hand makes uniquely colorful skateboards, surfboards, and countertops using recycled skateboards. Their designs keep used skateboards out of the landfill, putting them into fun and functional uses.

Price: ~ $150.00 – $250.00



Sustainable and Reclaimed Wood Longboards and Skateboards

15. Sustainable Wood Longboard by Arbor Collective

Sustainable Wood Longboard by Arbor Collective

The Arbor Collective makes skateboards with two core values in mind: use only sustainable wood and use premium components. Their wooden skateboard and longboards are constructed using with native Hawaiian koa wood, other reclaimed woods, and sustainable bamboo. Some of the premium components they use include 169mm Paris TKP Street trucks, Dragon bearings, Dragon stainless steel hardware, Fireball 84a Scorch wheels, and others.

What customers say:

  • Customers love these decks, saying the designs are stunning, and that the quality is top notch. They said these boards roll smoothly, that the wheels have plenty of grip, and the that decks offer just the right amount of rigid, yet flexible spring.

About the brand:
Arbor has put over two decades of hard work and commitment into creating the best possible skateboarding and snowboarding gear. And they do it all while keeping environmental sustainability in mind. Since their inception, through their Returning Roots program, Arbor has supported organizations that protect and restore forests.
One such program is the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, a nonprofit that plants trees and helps to rebuild forests from the ground up. As of today, the organization has planted over 300,000 koa trees on 800 acres of former forestland, along with a full range of native understory plants.

It was the koa forests of Hawaii and the native people who lived in them who invented surfing 1,000 years ago using boards made from koa wood.

Here’s a video of Arbor boards in action:

Price: ~ $59.95 – $199.95

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16. Reclaimed Wood Skateboards by Lane Ohana Designs

Reclaimed Wood Skateboards by Lane Ohana Designs

Lane Ohana Designs handmakes their reclaimed wood skateboard decks with wood found on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Each board takes four weeks to design, craft, and finish. The decks are finished with an epoxy resin, which offers a protective barrier for the wood.

What customers say:

  • Customers love the unique, hand-crafted artistry of these boards.

About the brand:
Following their passion for design and art, Lane Ohana Design’s husband and wife team painstakingly handcraft a variety of beautiful items. In addition to their reclaimed wood skateboard decks, they create unique signs and jewelry.

Price: ~ $700.00

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17. Reclaimed Wood Longboards by Best Sesh Board Company

Reclaimed Wood Longboards by Best Sesh Board Company

The Best Sesh Board Company hand makes their eco-friendly skateboards with reclaimed wood decks in their workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. All of their reclaimed wood skateboards have a natural, vintage look. And they’re made with an eco-friendly, bio-based resin. The boards range in lengths from 30”-40”. Check each design for wheel sizes, trucks, and other component details.

About the brand:

Best Sesh Board Company are self-proclaimed skateboarders and environmentalists. They collect the wood for their skateboards from a variety of sources, including construction sites, used cabinets, logs from downed trees, and scraps from milled lumber.

Price: ~$195.00 – $299.00

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18. Salvaged Wood Longboards by Worthy Skateboards

Salvaged Wood Longboards by Worthy Skateboards

Worthy Skateboards handcrafts eco-conscious skateboards in a range of shapes in the style of vintage longboard cruisers. All of their boards are made with wood that is salvaged in Australia from downed trees and other sources, or from wood that is certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council of Australia (FSC.)

What customers say:

  • Customers says these boards are not only gorgeous to look at, but that they offer a smooth ride.

About the brand:
Hailing from the Gold Coast of Australia, like all great rock bands and startup companies, Worthy Skateboards was started in a garage. Worthy serves the environmentally conscious skateboarder who doesn’t want to sacrifice their values in exchange for a great ride.

Price: Right now, they’re all sold out, but hopefully, we’ll see more Worthy skateboards coming soon.



19. Reclaimed Wood Longboards by the Huff Puff Board Company

Handcrafted Reclaimed Longboards by the Huff Puff Board Company

Every skateboard by the Huff Puff Board Company is made to order and handcrafted from start to finish. Their designs are made from aspen, maple, and walnut wood. They’re easy on the Earth, while being built to last with expert craftsmanship. Each board comes with trucks, wheels, and grip tape, so it will be ready to roll straight out of the box. They also offer customizable designs upon request.

What customers say:

  • Customers loves the natural aesthetics of these skateboards, and they say they ride beautifully.

About the brand:
The Huff Puff Board Company sources their wood from a variety of places, including old barns and scrap piles. They also make some pretty amazing looking stand up paddle boards.

Price: ~ $174.00

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20. Reclaimed Wooden Longboards by Guru Boards

Reclaimed Wooden Longboards by Guru Boards

These wooden longboards by Guru Boards are handmade in Victoria, Australia. They’re made with woods like mountain ash, messmate, jarrah, and reclaimed wood. And the grip on the decks comes from sand from Bells Beach, Victoria.

These wood boards come in 29” and 39” lengths. The trucks are Lemkeep 25cm reverse kingpin, and the wheels are Lucid round lip 60mm x 40mm 90A, with Spitfire Cheapshot bearings. These longboards are made for coasting, carving, or cruising, and they roll smoothly on rough pavement.

About the brand:
Guru Boards are designed and handmade in Australia along the country’s famous southern surf coast.

Price: ~ $197.00 – $220.00

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21. Recycled Wine Barrel Longboards by Oak Belly

Recycled Wine Barrel Longboards by Oak Belly

For a truly funky-looking board, check out these longboards made from upcycled oak barrels by Oak Belly Longboards. If you ride one of these boards, a day won’t go by without someone asking, “Dude/Dudette, where in the heck did you get that board!?”

These upcycled longboards come in a few different shapes, but all have the distinctive curve of an oak barrel, and some designs have parts of the original metal ring from the barrels as cool accents. These upcycled longboards range in lengths from 37” to 42”. And, they come with 180mm Free Soul trucks and 76mm Zaza wheels. But Oak Belly will switch them out for something different upon request.

Recycled Wine Barrel Longboards by Oak Belly and Dude in Suit

About the brand:
With meticulous attention to detail, Oak Belly Longboards creates one-of-a-kind longboard skateboards from upcycled wine barrels.

Here’s a video that shows Oak Belly boards in action:

Price: ~ $175.00 – $325.00

Do you need some cool shades to go with your board? Check these out on UniGuide:

Recycled Sunglasses

Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses




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