Latest SCUBA Diving Treasure Hunting Videos from DALLMYD

DALLMYD SCUBA Diving and Treasure Hunting Videos
Jake Koehler, the creator of DALLMYD, in a hidden spring in the mountains of Montana. Image: DALLMYD, Instagram.

For a scuba diver who hasn’t had the chance to go diving in a long time, DALLYMYD’s videos are like a tall glass of water to a person dying of thirst. Creator and adventurer Jake Koehler started his YouTube channel to record his video game pursuits. But as fate would have it, the channel would soon transition from a chronicle of on-the-couch experiences to a vlog about real world adventures of the underwater kind.

While diving, Jakes came across an abandoned but still working GoPro camera. That’s when he started filming is underwater adventures. The GoPro was just the first of many treasures that he would find in riverbeds, the open ocean, and on dry land.

Enjoy these Adventure Videos by DALLMYD


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