About Kristen M. Stanton

Kristen and Roo at Spring Lake
Kristen and Roo (who is now in Heaven.)

Hello, my name is Kristen and I’m the founder of UniGuide. As a lifelong animal and nature lover, I started UniGuide to educate myself and to help others discover alternative ways of thinking and consuming that would have a less harmful impact on human health, animals, and the environment.

Before starting UniGuide, I was an independent marketing consultant. My recent clients include Niantic, Inc., the developer of the mobile augmented reality games Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Ingress; and Gamma Law, a law firm that serves companies in the fields of blockchain, AR/VR, and other emerging technologies.

Before striking out on my own, I was a full-time marketing executive in the tech industry, working for companies such as Picarro, Inc., a provider of scientific instruments and software solutions that measure greenhouse gas concentrations, trace gases, and stable isotopes for a broad array of scientific applications.

As an avid supporter of innovation in clean technologies, I also helped to start and then served as the marketing and grants chair for the Cleantech Open, a nonprofit accelerator for cleantech startups. I’m also a big proponent for environmental education, so I volunteered and raised money for Bay Area Wilderness Training’s Climbing for Kids charity.

I earned my BAs in geography in environmental studies and English from San Francisco State University. During college, I did an internship with the Earth Island Institute and canvassed door-to-door for Greenpeace. I earned my MBA in marketing from the University of San Francisco.