16 Hemp Shoes for Women and Men from Cool Brands

Hemp Shoes and Boots for Women and Men

Hemp shoes check a lot of positive boxes. They’re eco-friendly and durable, plus they’re usually vegan-friendly. In addition, hemp material breathes and it gets softer with wear, so like your favorite sneakers or jeans, hemp shoes break in well to create the perfect fit.

As we become a more environmentally conscious society, wearing shoes made of sustainable, cruelty-free materials speaks volumes about your personal values and social awareness.

Hemp shoes are stylish too. While it’s true that most shoe styles made with hemp are casual, designers are starting to create dress shoes that are made with this sustainable fiber.

Here’s a quick video about the many positives of hemp shoes:

What makes hemp an ideal material for shoes?

Hemp is proving itself to be one of the most versatile, eco-friendly materials around:

  • The hemp plant grows easily and sustainably without the use of pesticide, herbicides, and fungicides, so much of the hemp fiber you see is organic.
  • The naturally anti-microbial properties of hemp make it an ideal material for shoes, as it doesn’t hold on to odors like other materials, including leather and some synthetics.
  • Hemp is hypoallergenic, so unlike wool, it won’t irritate your skin.
  • Hemp fiber is extremely strong, which makes it durable enough for shoes.
  • As a natural fiber, unlike synthetics, hemp will eventually decompose. This is good news because your hemp shoes will have a lighter environmental footprint than shoes made with petroleum-based materials or animal skin that’s been treated with preservatives.

Here are a variety of styles for women, followed by styles for men:

Hemp Shoes for Women

1. Sanuk Women’s Hemp Slip-ons

Sanuk Women’s Hemp Slip-on Shoes
Hemp Slip-ons by Sanuk

These comfy ladies’ slip-on shoes from Sanuk have 100% hemp uppers. They’ve also got a cushioned EVA footbed and rubber soles.

Available colors: black, red, gray, and natural

Price: ~$30.25 – $69.99

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2. Women’s Hemp Puff Booties

Sanuk hemp puff bootieAnother comfy style from Sanuk, these puff booties have a hemp upper and short cutout opening in the back for easy on and off. Perfect for lounging at home, camping, or aprés ski.

Available colors: natural and lavender

Price: ~$34.80 – $68.50

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3. Astral Women’s Hemp and Recycled Polyester Sneakers

Women’s Hemp and Recycled Polyester Sneakers by Astral
Astral Women’s Hemp Sneakers

Perfect for hiking on trails, walking your pup around town, or any active day, these cute eco-friendly sneakers have a breathable hemp and recycled polyester upper.

To see more athletic-style shoes made with vegan materials, check out my posts on vegan sneakers and skate shoes.

Available colors: gray multi

Price: ~$89.96 – $99.95

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4. Astral Women’s Hemp Flats

Astral women's hemp flatsAnother cute style from Astral, these hemp flats are super comfortable while still being feminine and stylish. The perfect travel shoe, they’ll go great with leggings, jeans, a skirt of shorts.

Available colors: gray multi

Price: ~$41.02 – $89.95

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5. Leaf to Ember Ladies’ Hemp Shoes

Leaf to Ember Ladies' Hemp ShoesHailing from Albany, Oregon, Leaf to Ember makes a variety of shoes and accessories in sustainable hemp. They come in a few different colors, and all have an Eco-Pure® foam midsole and outsole that promotes biodegradation.

Price: ~$89.99

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6. Natural Hemp Shoes by Hemp Made in Ukraine

"NaturalHemp Made in Ukraine makes a variety of shoes and accessories with organic hemp. Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, these shoes are comfortable enough to wear with bare feet, and they won’t hold on to odors. And if you’re concerned about their light color, no worries! You can throw these puppies into the washing machine.

Price: ~$22.23 – $98.18

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7. Vibram Women’s Hemp Barefoot Shoes

"VibramFans of Vibram’s “barefoot” athletic shoes swear by them for both comfort and performance. Now Vibram has come out with a style in hemp, and Earth lovers everywhere are rejoicing.

Available colors: brown and black

Price: ~$56.85

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8. Hemp Moccasin Booties

Hemp Moccasins
Hemp Moccasins by Beregina UA

These moccasin-style boots are hand-crocheted with hemp and jute. There’s also a style that goes above the knee.

For more comfy moccasin-style shoes, see my post on vegan uggs and moccasins.

Price: ~$31.90

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9. Women’s Linen and Jute Shoes

Women's Linen and Jute Shoes
Linen and jute shoes by Ibizencas.

While these shoes are technically not made with hemp, I included them as an honorable mention for the ladies’ hemp shoes section because they’re made with two other sustainable, natural fibers: jute and linen.

To see more cute styles by this brand, check out my post on women’s vegan sandals.

Price: ~$58.00

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Hemp Shoes for Men

10. Astral Men’s Hemp and Recycled Polyester Shoe


These versatile sneakers are the perfect travel shoes – great for hiking in nature or trekking around the urban jungle. The eco-friendly upper is made with hemp and recycled polyester.

Available colors: dark brown and gray

Price: ~$99.95

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11. Vibram Men’s Hemp Barefoot Shoes

"VibramFor those times you’d rather go barefoot, but it’s just not a good idea, there are these athletic “toe” shoes by Vibram. Now, with a new style in hemp, you can have it all: go quasi-barefoot while being gentle on the Earth and animals.

Available colors: black and brown

Price: ~$89.00 – $100.00

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12. Sanuk Men’s Hemp Slip-on Shoes

Men’s Hemp Slip-on Shoes by Sanuk
Sanuk Men’s Hemp Slip-ons

Popular with surfers, Sanuk makes a variety of cool, eco-friendly and vegan shoes and flip flops. These slip-on loafers have casual, frayed hemp uppers and rubber soles.

Available colors: red, black, dark gray, navy blue, natural tan, brown, light brown

Price: ~$48.00 – $69.00

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13. Leaf to Ember Men’s Hemp Shoes

Leaf to Ember Men's Hemp ShoesLeaf to Ember’s shoes are made with 100% sustainable hemp uppers.  And the midsole and outsold are made with Eco-Pure® foam, which provides plenty of cushioning while still being super lightweight.

Price: ~$89.99

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14. Men’s Hemp Oxfords

Men’s Hemp Shoes by Hemp Made in Ukraine
Men’s Hemp Oxfords by Hemp Made in Ukraine

If you love hemp and are looking for a dressier shoe, check out these hemp oxfords from Hemp Made in the Ukraine. Plus, they make some more casual styles in eco-friendly hemp.

Price: ~$86.00

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15. Hemp Shoes by Risorse Future

Men's Hemp Desert Boots by Risorse Future
Risorse Future Men’s Hemp Desert Boot

Risorse Future is an eco-conscious brand that makes a couple of styles of cool hemp shoes for men. In addition to these hemp desert boots, they make a hemp high top sneaker.

Price: $169.00 – $189.00

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16. Virblatt Men’s Hemp Espadrilles

Virblatt Men’s Ethnic Hemp Espadrilles
Handmade Hemp Espadrilles by Virblatt

These men’s hemp espadrilles say, “Vacation.” They’re handmade in Northern Thailand from natural, locally grown hemp. Plus, they have padded insoles and natural rubber soles.

Available colors: natural, black, and multi

Price: $34.34 – $45.45

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