22 Hemp Hats: Sustainable Style and UV Protection

Hemp Hats for Men and Women

Who knew there was such a variety of hemp hats? I certainly didn’t until I was doing my research for this post. But it makes sense, as hemp is one of the most versatile natural materials available when it comes to the diversity of products it can be used for, from food to body lotion, shoes, and more.

You’ll find a lot of hemp products on UniGuide because it’s such a superstar sustainable material. It can be grown easily without using pesticides, insecticides, or fungicides. Naturally antimicrobial, hemp is a great fiber to be used in hats, shoes, clothing, and even underwear because it’s breathable and it doesn’t hold on to odors. Another perk: it’s naturally resistant to ultraviolet light, which means it doesn’t fade easily, and it will protect your skin from UV rays. And one last thing about this miracle fiber: like your favorite pair jeans, hemp fabric gets softer with age.

So, without further ado, here are some awesome hemp hats.


1. Hemp News Boy Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Hemp News Boy Hat

Angelique Ell, founder of A. Ell Designs, creates ethical and eco-friendly clothing and accessories in her workshops in beautiful Kapaa, Hawaii and Portland, Oregon. Her creations are all made with natural fibers, such as hemp, bamboo, Tencel, and organic cotton.

This cool newsboy hat is made with a hemp-cotton blend, and it’s reversible, so you get two hats in one.

Each hat is custom made, so you get your choice of colors combinations in black, ivory, natural, brown, red, or olive green.

Hemp News Boy Hat

Price: ~$48.00

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2. Hemp Engineer’s Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Hemp Engineer’s Hat

Another great hemp hat from A. Ell Designs, this engineer’s cap is also handmade. The fabric is a blend of hemp and other natural fibers. A. Ell’s hats are made with scraps from their other creations, which helps cut down on textile waste in our landfills. This hat is also reversible, so you get two hats in one.

Available colors: black, ivory, tan, brown, red, olive green, and purple

Price: ~$48.00

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3. Tilley Hemp Engineer Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Tilley Hemp Engineer Hat

In 1980, Alex Tilley, an avid sailor, couldn’t find the perfect sailing hat, so he made his own. From that first hat, Tilley Hats was born. Today, Tilley makes a variety of styles of hats, all designed for different types of activities. All of Tilley’s hats are guaranteed for life.

This classic engineer’s hat is made with hemp and it’s lightweight and packable, making it the perfect travel hat.

Available colors: white and brown

Price: ~$36.19 – $64.95

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4. Hemp Trucker Hat

Hemp Trucker Hat

When none other than a trucker hat will do, there’s this cool trucker’s cap with a breathable hemp front panel by Mato. It has a mesh back and an adjustable back strap. Mato makes a variety of accessories with eco-friendly hemp.

Price: ~$29.99

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5. Navy Blue Hemp Baseball Cap

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Navy Blue Hemp Baseball Cap

This classic baseball-style hat is made with 100% hemp canvas. It’s biodegradable and naturally UV ray resistant. It has an adjustable snap-back closure. Hempzoo creates a variety of cool clothing and accessories with Earth-friendly hemp.

Price: ~$19.99

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6. Hempy’s Unstructured Aussie Surf Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Hempy’s Unstructured Aussie Surf Hat

Known for their hemp wallets, Hempy’s makes eco-friendly accessories with – you guessed it – hemp! While this hemp hat’s name pays tribute to Australian surfers, it’s made in the good ol’ USA.

Price: ~$26.00

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7. Five Panel Hemp Hat

Five Panel Hemp Hat

With a little extra brim, this five-panel cap will block the sun and keep your head cool with its light gray color. It’s made with 30% hemp, 30% polyester, and 40% cotton.

Times Hemp Company is based in Malibu, California, where they are big advocates for environmental stewardship and making eco-friendly products with sustainable hemp.

Price: ~$18.99

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8. Limited Edition Hemp Bigfoot Hat

Limited Edition Hemp Bigfoot Hat

Do I have any Bigfoot fans in the audience? I know I’m one! I even have a park ranger friend who swears he saw one once. He did an impersonation for me of the way Bigfoot ran away into the trees… How could I not be a believer? This hemp Bigfoot hat is a great way to signal to other believers out there. Get one while supplies last!

Price: ~$54.99

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9. Hemp Explorer’s Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Hemp Explorer’s Hat

Made with 100% hemp canvas, this classic explorer’s hat is made in the USA. It’s got a wide brim and a roomy crown, plus brass ventilation eyelets and an adjustable strap, making it comfortable to wear throughout your daily adventures.

Available colors: natural, navy blue, brown, and pale green

Price: ~$42.00

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10. Tilley Hemp Indiana Jones Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Tilley Hemp Indiana Jones Hat

Another classic style from Tilley’s, this Indiana Jones-style hemp hat is certified with UPF 50+ sun protection. It’s also water repellent and has a secret safety pocket for your valuables.

Available colors: brown, gray, and off-white

Tilley Hemp Indiana Jones Hat in White

Price: ~$71.00 – $88.00

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11. Tilley Women’s Hemp Panama Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Tilley Women’s Hemp Panama HatThis ladies’ Panama-style hemp hat is also rated for UPF 50+ sun protection. Perfect for all kinds of adventures, it repels rain and has a tie to keep it on in convertible rides or windy days at the beach. Plus, it floats, making it perfect for island hopping, boating adventures, or lounging by the pool. The brim is 3” on the front and sides and 2.75” in the back. It’s made with 100% hemp fabric, and it’s machine-washable.

Price: ~$88.20 – $105.00

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12. Gottex Women’s Brimmed Hemp Straw Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Gottex Women’s Brimmed Hemp Straw Hat

For a little extra flair, check out this 100% hemp sun hat. It’s easily packable and protects your head and face from harmful UV rays. It’s perfect for the beach, traveling, horseback riding, gardening, al fresco dining, lounging by the pool, and more. The brim measures 4.5” and an internal drawstring enables the perfect fit.

Price: ~$135.00

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13. Gigi Burn Millinery Hemp Straw Sun Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Gigi Burn Millinery Hemp Straw Sun Hat

Ultra-stylish, this hemp hat is handmade in the USA and comes with a ruffle rosette and a cotton band. It’s perfect accessory to top off a summer outfit and to wear on sunny days at the beach, wine tasting, or bopping around town.

Price: ~$400.00

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14. Tilley Classic Brimmed Hemp Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Tilley Classic Brimmed Hemp HatA classic chapeau, this brimmed hat by Tilley is made in Canada with 100% hemp. As with all Tilley hats, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and is insured against loss. It repels the rain and is certified for UPF 50 sun protection. Plus, it comes with a cute, tuck-away chin strap, making it perfect for convertible rides and windy strolls.

Price: ~$81.00 – $90.00

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15. Organic Hemp Bucket Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Organic Hemp Bucket Hat

For some classic boho flair, you can’t go wrong with this cute bucket hat by Hemp4Life. It’s made with a hemp-cotton blend yarn. Based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Hemp4Life creates handmade hats and other accessories with organic, sustainable hemp. I featured some of their crochet beanie hats, for men and women, here on UniGuide.

Price: ~$24.90

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16. Crochet Hemp Sun Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Crochet Hemp Sun Hat

Here’s another cute hemp hat from Hemp4Life. It’s the perfect travel hat, as it packs easily but will retain its shape. Plus, it offers a bit of sun protection with its short brim. This hat also comes in orange and natural.

Price: ~$24.90

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17. Kathmandu Rainbow Hemp Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Kathmandu Rainbow Hemp Hat

This might possibly be the most perfect hemp hat. It’s handmade with 100% hemp from the Himalayas. The rainbow rings can only mean whoever wears this hat will be filled with joy and will bring smiles to other people’s faces.

Price: ~$36.99

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18. Boho Chic Hemp Crochet Hat

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Boho Chic Hemp Crochet Hat

Here’s another happy hemp hat with boho chic flair. It’s handmade in Thailand and comes in a variety of fun color combinations.

Price: ~$22.99

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19. Hemp Corduroy Fedora Hat

Hemp Corduroy Fedora Hat

You can’t go wrong in life with hemp corduroy crownin’ your noggin! This cool corduroy fedora hat from Hempy’s is made in the USA with a cotton-hemp blend.

Price: ~$38.00

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20. Stetson Hemp Hats

Stetson Hemp Hats

Founded in 1865 by John B. Stetson, Stetson Hats is most famous for being the creator the cowboy hat. But you don’t have to be a cowboy or a cowgirl to wear a Stetson. In this case, you just have to be willing to wear some superbly crafted hemp straw on your head.

Stetson Hemp Hats Light

Price: ~$71.00 – $125.00

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21. Brimmed Hemp Bucket Hat

Brimmed Hemp Bucket Hat

This cute bucket hat is soft, packable, foldable, and crushable – but it won’t crease. It’s made with a hemp, cotton, and polyester fabric blend and has the feel of soft textured linen.

Available colors: orange and white

Price: ~$11.19

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22. Hemp Slouchy Hats

3-leaf-icon-40 Eco-Friendly Brand

Hemp Slouchy HatIn addition to their brimmed hats, Hemp4Life hand crochets a number of colorful hemp slouchy hats. You can see more in my posts on guys’ beanies and gals’ beanies.

Price: $21.90 – $34.90

Buy on Etsy

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