Grammy Winner Billie Eilish Is an Environmental Activist

Billie Eilish, Environmentalist
Billie Eilish. Image: @BillieEilish, Instagram.

Fresh off of dominating the 2020 Grammy Awards, Billie Eilish is launching a huge 2020 world tour as well as an eco-friendly clothing line with H&M.

Billie swept the major categories at the 2020 Grammy Awards, winning Best New Artist, Best Record, Best Album, and Best Song, as well as Best Pop Vocal Album. For a young performer who just celebrated her 18th birthday a month ago, she’s scaled to dizzying heights of stardom very fast.

What’s ahead? Not only has she been chosen to write and perform the theme song for the latest Bond film, she’s going on a world tour that will run through 2021.


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Helping to green Billie’s tour is the nonprofit Reverb, whose mission is harness the power of music to “inspire millions of music lovers and music makers to take part in tackling today’s most pressing environmental and social issues.” Billie’s fans will be encouraged to bring reusable water bottles to her concerts and plastic straws are banned. In addition, there will be plenty of recycling bins at the venues. And it gets better: Every stop on the tour will feature a Billie Eilish Eco Village where fans can explore ways to help with the climate crisis.

Fans can earn free tickets by registering with Global Citizen and racking up points by completing quizzes, signing petitions, and using their social media accounts to increase awareness about the climate crisis.

Billie’s clothing line with H&M will include some synthetic fabrics that are made with 100% recycled acrylic. H&M has drawn environmental criticism for being a fast fashion brand, but the company is making strides to clean up their act. In 2018, according to Mic, the company published a 124-page sustainability report that outlines their initiatives to clean up the lifecycle of their products. “We want to influence the industry as whole towards a sustainable fashion future, not just our own business,” the company stated in an interview in Forbes.

In addition to her eco fashion line and world tour, Billie also teamed up with fellow-vegan and environmental activist Woody Harrelson on this video, in which they discuss the need for environmental action to prevent escalating problems, like the fires in the Amazon.

Hats off to Billie Eilish for her Grammy wins and her determination to use her celebrity to make a difference in the world.


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