Latest Fitness Marshall Dance Workout Videos

Fitness Marshall Dance Workout Videos
Image: The Fitness Marshall.

I was never much for gyms. They always made me feel like a captive hamster running around and around on her hamster wheel and not getting anywhere. Needles to say, the boredom always ended my well-intentioned gym memberships. I was always an outdoor exerciser. Nature is my church after all.

Hamster and Hamster Wheel
Get me out of here! How I feel at the gym. Photo: Daikorax.

I loved running on trails and was a distance runner for many years. Running was my cure all, my salvation, and my chi. But unfortunate genetic tendencies, injuries, and surgeries ended my marathon days, and I’ve sought out replacement exercises ever since. Sadly, there are none. Running was my first love, and you just don’t got out and replace your first love. Telling a runner they should find another sport is like telling a metal head they should start listening to opera. It’s just not easily done.

The Best Indoor Workout Ever

Now, in the days of COVID, many of us are relegated to working out at home. Even getting out into nature for a mellow hike is challenging, as so many parks are closed. So, what’s a girl to do? Naturally, I turned to YouTube.

I don’t know how I found him, or he me, but the Fitness Marshall has saved me from turning into a puddle of muscle-less, oxygen-less slime. The Fitness Marshall’s dance workout videos are the only workout videos that I’ve ever been able to watch from beginning to end and then again and again. Because the Fitness Marshall and his dance pals are so special to me, I had to share them with you here. I hope they bring you as much joy, oxygen, and sore muscles as they do me!

Get Ready to Get Down with the Fitness Marshall and His Pals


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