First Vegan Fashion Week Starts February 1st in Los Angeles

Vegan Fashion WeekThis year is going to be an exciting year for anyone who wears clothes and cares about animals. (Hopefully, that’s most of you!) Los Angeles will be hosting the premier Vegan Fashion Week (V/FW) starting February 1st. The event is sure to draw a crowd, with affordable ticket prices from $20-$60, which you can get via the V/FW website.


Empowering Consumers with a Tribute to Animals

According to V/FW, the four-day event was created to “empower conscious brands and humans globally with an elevated platform for achievement, inspiration, and discovery.” The event will be not only a tribute to glamour and cutting edge design, but also a “tribute to animals and an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms.”

The week will kick off with an invite-only “Opening Soirée & Tribute” at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. It will be hosted by the event’s creative director Emmanuelle Rienda, who is, naturally, an animal rights activist.

On Saturday, February 2nd, the runway show will begin in the Fashion Theater in the California Market Center. A list of designers and exhibitors will be posted on the V/FW website soon.

Also on Saturday, and carrying through to Sunday, there will be a Vegan Lounge and panel discussions. Panel topics will include animal rights, social justice, circularity, and technology.


More Designers Are Banning Fur

In too many ways, the fashion industry has been slow to stop exploiting animals for the sake of style. It’s ironic given the industry’s obsession with being forward thinking, ahead of the times, and trend setting. However, the rate at which top designers are joining the cruelty-free movement is promising. According to Vogue, here are some of the leading designers who have finally seen the light and gone fur-free (or never used it in the first place, like Stella McCartney):


Calvin Klein


Giorgio Armani


John Galliano

Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren

Stella McCartney

Tommy Hilfiger


Vivienne Westwood

Now, we just need to get all of the leading designers who are still using leather or other animal skin in their creations to stop using it, and we’ll be on our way to a far more compassionate world!


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