22 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats: Cork, Natural, and Recycled

Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats, Cork Yoga Mats, and More

My niece Ellie, an avid climber and budding yogini, texted me from Boulder a couple of weeks ago and asked, “Aunt Kristen, why haven’t you written about eco-friendly yoga mats yet? Yoginis are eco conscious!”

Far be it from me to fail the yoginis and yogis of the world. And truthfully, years ago I sought out an eco-friendly yoga mat and it was a bit hard to find one. Realizing that UniGuide would not be complete without a post on eco yoga mats, I started doing my research. What did I find? Cork yoga mats, recycled yoga mats, jute yoga mats, and more! The world is changing and voilà, here they are!

But first… a rad picture of Ellie in Moab, Utah. (Almost gave her mom a heart attack when she saw this one…)

Ellie Cimbing in Moab, Utah
Yoga is an important part of the climber’s repertoire. My niece Ellie climbing at Indian Creek in Moab, Utah.

Cork Yoga Mats

Cork is an ideal material for yoga mats. It’s 100% natural, sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable, and it can be obtained through a tree-friendly harvesting process. Plus, when cork harvesters collect the bark, it enables the tree to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere.

Cork forests, most of which are found in Portugal and Spain, are home to over 13,000 species of animals, plants, and insects that are not found anywhere else in the world. And many of these species, like the Iberian Lynx, are endangered. So, creating a market for cork products helps to preserve indigenous cork forests.

Cork is also naturally antimicrobial. This quality, along with its natural cushioning, makes it an ideal material for yoga mats.

1. Repose Non-Toxic Cork Yoga Mat

Repose Non-Toxic Cork Yoga MatRepose makes natural, non-toxic cork yoga mats that are free of glues, PVC, and other harmful chemicals. And it gets better: these cork yoga mats are backed with organic natural rubber, another sustainable material. In addition, they’re totally biodegradable.

Measurements: 72” x 24” x 4 mm

Repose Non-Toxic Cork Yoga Mat Close-upPrice: ~$69.99

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2. Body by Yoga Extra-Large Cork Yoga Mat

Large Cork Yoga MatThis top-rated yoga mat is also made with sustainable cork and it has an anti-slip natural rubber backing. It’s slightly thicker than other cork mats, at 6.5 mm, so there’s extra padding, making it great for heavier yogis and yoginis or those who like a bit more cushioning. Plus, it’s extra-long, at 80”.

Super durable, this mat will stand up to many hot yoga sessions.

Measurements: 80″ x 26″ x 6.5 mm

Cork Yoga Mat for Hot YogaPrice: ~$89.99

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3. Gurus Cork Yoga Mats

Gurus Non-Slip Cork Yoga MatsThese cork yoga mats are also non-toxic and all-natural. Gurus makes a lightweight style that’s perfect for travel and a heavier one that’s great for class and lots of Bikram yoga sessions.

Measurements: 72″ x 25″ x 5 mm

Gurus Non-Slip Cork Yoga Mat and YogiPrice: ~$49.99 – $94.99

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4. Yoloha Cork Yoga Mats

Yoloha Cork Yoga MatYoloha’s Nomad cork yoga mats are thin and lightweight. They’re also free of PVC and have a non-slip backing. If you like some color in your cork mat, check out the beautiful collection of designs in their Amazon store.

Chakras Cork Yoga MatPrice: ~$129.99

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5. Handmade Wildlife Art Cork Yoga Mats

Handmade Cork Yoga Mats Based in London, Upward Salute makes eco-friendly yoga mats with cork on the top and a biodegradable, latex-free foam backing underneath.

Upward Salute hand prints wildlife-inspired unique designs on each mat using eco-friendly inks.

Measurements: 73” x 26” and 4.5 mm

Handmade Wildlife Art Cork Yoga MatsPrice: ~$105.92

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6. Customized Cork Yoga Mats

Customized Cork Yoga MatsDo you have a mantra or inspiring prayer that you like to focus on during your yoga practice? The Samadhi Initiative will print customized sayings on your mat. Samadhi’s mats are specifically designed for hot yoga. Like all cork yoga mats, they’re naturally anti-microbial and easy to clean. In addition, they’re 100% recyclable.

Measurements: 72” x 24” x 5.5 mm

Price: ~$99.00 – $119.00

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Jute Yoga Mats

7. Non-Toxic Jute Yoga Mat

Natural, Non-Toxic Jute Yoga MatLike cork, jute is a natural material that’s both durable and antimicrobial, making it a great material for yoga mats. The jute and hemp yoga mats you see in this post are made with a blend of hemp or jute and a synthetic material called PER, which is more environmentally friendly than PVC.

The production of PER releases little to no harmful emissions when it’s being produced. And, it  doesn’t emit other toxins or carcinogens over time when the material is being used. Furthermore, PER doesn’t require phthalate plasticizers to achieve the flexibility required in a yoga mat. And even better, PER can be repeatedly recycled.

Designed in Australia, Ajna’s eco-friendly jute yoga mats are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. And for every mat they sell, Anja plants a tree.

Measurements: 72” x 5 mm

Natural, Non-Toxic Jute Yoga MatPrice: ~$56.98

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8. Biodegradable Jute, Hemp, and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Biodegradable Jute, Hemp, and Natural Rubber Yoga MatSattva’s eco-friendly yoga mats are non-toxic and free of latex, glues, phthalates, and PVC. Made with all-natural materials, they’re completely biodegradable. To create their eco yoga mats, Sattva weaves organic jute and hemp and bonds it with a 100% natural tree rubber backing.

This yoga mat is non-slip for an ideal grip, even if you’re sweating in hot yoga class. It’s easy to clean too. Elephant, phoenix, and “B Kind” designs available and they’re printed with non-toxic ink that won’t fade over time.

Biodegradable Jute, Hemp, and Natural Rubber Yoga MatPrice: ~$68.49

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9. B Kind Natural Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga

Sattva Hot Yoga Natural Yoga MatSattva’s lightweight organic, jute, hemp, and natural tree rubber yoga mat is designed for all types of yoga, but especially long hot yoga sessions. It’s absorbent, non-slip, non-toxic, and antimicrobial. Plus, it’s completely biodegradable.

Price: ~$74.00

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10. Maji Sports Jute Yoga Mats

Maji Sports Jute Yoga MatsMaji Sports’ jute yoga mats are made with all-natural, sustainable jute fibers and PER, an eco-friendly alternative to PVC.

Measurements: 68” x 24” x 4.5 mm

Available in multiple colors.

Price: ~$69.95 – $79.95

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11. Gaiam Jute Yoga Mats

Gaiam Jute Yoga MatsGaiam’s jute yoga mats are also blended with PER, a more environmentally-friendly PVC substitute. Lightweight and durable, they’re perfect for travel or extended sessions as you expand your practice.

Measurements: 68” x 24” x 5 mm

Price: ~$31.99

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Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Like cork, natural rubber is an ideal material for yoga mats, and not to mention – flip flops, as I wrote about in my post about eco-friendly flip flops. Unlike synthetic rubber, natural rubber is harvested from rubber trees.

The rubber harvesting process can be done sustainably and involves tapping into the tree to remove the sap from the bark, which does not harm the tree. Thus, buying products made from natural rubber helps to keep rubber tree forests from being cut down.

12. Manduka EKO Natural Rubber Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka EKO Natural Rubber Yoga and Pilates MatManduka is a well-known yoga accessories brand, so I was happy to see they make eco-friendly yoga mats. These mats are made with biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber. And they’re 99% latex-free.

Measurements: 71” x 26” x 5 mm and 79” x 26” x 5 mm

Available in multiple colors.

Price: ~$59.48 – $99.00

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13. Zura Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Towel

Zura Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat TowelThis natural rubber and towel combo yoga mat is machine washable, so it’s perfect for hot yoga sessions, camping trips, or wherever else your adventures take you.

And it gets better: With every yoga you purchase, Zura will plant a tree.

Measurements: 71” x 26” x 3.5 mm

Zura Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat TowelPrice: ~$108.00

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14. Non-Slip Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat

Non-Slip Natural Tree Rubber Yoga MatFor the most radical poses, this natural rubber tree mat has you covered. It’s 100% non-toxic and latex- and PVC-free It has a thin top layer that wicks away sweat, providing a strong grip and a slip-free surface.

Measurements: 72.8” x 26.8” x 4.5 mm and 84.2” x 26.8” x 4.5 mm

Non-Slip Natural Tree Rubber Yoga MatPrice: ~$97.29

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15. Jade Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga MatJade Yoga is another known yoga accessories brand. Their natural rubber mats have exceptional grip for safety during even the most intense poses. They’re made in the USA, and through Jade’s partnership with Trees for the Future, they plant a tree for every yoga mat they sell.

Available in multiple colors

Price: ~$79.95 – $84.95

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Recycled Yoga Mats

16. Yoga Design Lab Recycled Yoga Mats

Yoga Design Lab Recycled Yoga MatsA combo yoga mat and towel, this eco-friendly mat combines a non-slip natural rubber backing and a micro-fiber top that’s made with recycled plastic bottles. It’s machine washable, making it perfect for Bikram, the beach, and outdoor adventures. Be sure to check out all of the fun, colorful designs printed with non-fade inks. With every purchase, Yoga Design donates $1 to youth yoga programs.

Yoga Design Lab Colorful Recycled Yoga MatsPrice: ~$78.00

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17. Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga MatIf you love the ocean, this may be the yoga mat for you. Suga Mats are made with 100% recycled surfing wetsuits. Plus, they’re made in the USA, adhering to strict environmental and labor standards.

These recycled yoga mats have been designed for ideal density, tackiness, elasticity, durability, and liquid permeability. The recycled wetsuit material is composed of a closed-cell foam, so these mats won’t attract dirt, dust, or bacteria from yoga studio floors. They’re also super easy to clean.

In addition to yoga mats, recycled wetsuits also make great laptop sleeves. You can see some in my post on eco-friendly laptop cases.

An eco-conscious company, Suga is a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate 1% of gross sales to environmental nonprofits.

Measurements: 72” x 25” x 5 mm

Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat Close-upPrice: ~$89.99

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18. Recycled Rubber Yoga Mats

Recycled Rubber Yoga MatsIf you enjoy looking at colorful, artistic designs during your practice, check out these recycled rubber yoga mats by N.J. East Coasters. They’re handmade in the USA with recycled rubber and cellular vinyl, which is free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex. Plus, they’re extra-cushioned, at 0.25″ thick.

Measurements: 72” x 24” x 6 mm

Price: ~$79.99

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19. Eco-Friendly, Recycled Yoga Mats

Eco-Friendly, Recycled Yoga MatsFor every eco yoga mat they make, Yogitoes reclaims eight discarded plastic bottles and prevents them from entering landfills or polluting the ocean. These colorful recycled yoga mats are a mat-towel combo and they’re machine washable.

Measurements: 68″ x 24″

Price: ~$35.08

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Hemp Yoga Mats

20. Organic Hemp Yoga Mat

Organic Hemp Yoga MatHemp is sustainable and naturally antimicrobial, making it a great natural material for yoga mats. Fitccessory uses hemp fiber that’s blended with PER, which is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC.

Measurements: 72” x 24 x 5 mm

Price: ~$49.99

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21. Natural Woven Hemp Yoga Mat

Natural Woven Hemp Yoga MatThese yoga mats are handmade in Nepal with a hemp-cotton blended fabric. They’re probably not all that different from the yoga mats made hundreds of years ago. They’re totally biodegradable and free of latex or rubber. Hemp is super durable and mold- and bacteria-resistant, making it a superstar sustainable material.

Khali Khutta makes these mats with parallel grid stitching that’s designed to assist you in finding correct alignment during yoga or Pilates sessions.

Your purchase helps to support local artisans and their communities in Nepal.

Available in multiple Earth tone colors.

Measurements: 71″ X 26″ x 7-8 mm

Natural Padded Hemp Yoga MatPrice: ~$139.02

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Organic Cotton Yoga Mats

22. Organic Cotton Yoga Mats

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Yoga MatOrganic cotton yoga mats are probably pretty close to what the ancient yogis and yoginis practiced on in India. Machine-washable, this style of mat is great for hot yoga. Plus, if you have a minimalist bent, these mats can double up as an accent rug too.

Price: ~$55.00 – $139.00

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