Eco-Friendly Plantbased Sneakers by Reebok

Eco-Friendly, Plantbased, and Sustainable Sneakers by ReebokI was super excited to see these cool, eco-friendly plant-based sneakers by Reebok. They’re made with 75% USDA certified biological materials:

  • The tops, or uppers, are made with 100% cotton
  • The soles are made with DuPont’s Susterra® propanediol, which is an eco-friendly, sustainable, corn-based chemical compound that can be used in polyurethanes and polyester resins.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Sneakers by ReebokSusterra propanediol is non-toxic and petroleum-free, and it’s also 100% sustainably sourced and renewable. Furthermore, it’s a USDA 100% certified bio-based product.
And it gets better – Susterra generates up to 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than similar petroleum-based products.

Here’s a video about Susterra propanediol:

Reebok’s sustainable sneakers are called “The NPC UK Cotton + Corn” and they retail for about $48.00. They’re not quite biodegradable enough to throw into your compost bin once you’re done with them, but Reebok says they’re heading in that direction with upcoming product iterations.

Here’s a video about Reebok’s eco sneakers:

While the natural-colored sneakers have a simple, minimalist look, they’re truly groundbreaking, and they promise great things for not just the eco fashion world, but the entire world.

Eco-Friendly Footwear from Reebok’s Parent Company: adidas

In 2005, shoemaking giant adidas acquired Reebok, and it’s really cool to see both organizations breaking new ground with using more eco-friendly materials in their shoes.

Adidas Parley Women's Running Shoes

As you may have read in my post about eco-friendly and recycled flip flops, Adidas has collaborated with the nonprofit Parley for the Oceans, which intercepts plastic waste on beaches and in coastal communities before it reaches the ocean. They recycle this waste into threads that Adidas weaves into materials for not just flip flops, but some really cool eco-friendly sneakers and athletic wear.

Adidas Parley Men's Boat Shoes

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