Dr. Martens’ Profits Surge Thanks to Its Vegan Boots and Shoes

Dr. Martens Boots
Photo: Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens, maker of the ultimate badass punk combat boots, has experience a 70 percent surge in profits this year partly thanks to its vegan line of boots and shoes.

Instead of leather made from animal skin, the footwear brand now offers a line of boots and shoes that look just like the leather styles, but are made with synthetic polyurethane. The company’s CEO, Kenny Wilson, said that sales for the vegan line have increased by “multiple hundreds of percent” in recent years, reports Jasper Jolly reports in the Guardian.

Check out Dr. Martens’ vegan boots for women here.

Dr. Martens Vegan Combat Boots


Check out Dr. Martens’ vegan boots for men here.Dr. Martens Vegan Chelsea Boots in Red, Men's



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