On Top of the World on the Coyote Ridge Trail

Coyote Ridge Trail, Tennessee Valley, Marin County, California

Today was a big day for me. In addition to being so grateful to still have my wonderful mom in my life, I ran the Coyote Ridge Trail in Tennessee Valley, my favorite trail in Marin County.

It was in this place that I found myself. Needles to say, it has deep spiritual meaning for me. There’s a long, steep incline to get to the top, but once you’re there, the expanse before you of the Pacific Ocean makes you feel like you’re out of your body, flying over the Earth.

I trained for marathons and triathlons here. I realized who I am here. And during periods of depression and heartache, I found emotional strength that I didn’t think I had.

But I had not run here for at least six years.

Injury, a long road to recovery, losing confidence in what my body was capable of, taking time to care for my mom and building UniGuide – all kept me away from this sacred place.

But I’ve been slowly getting back to who I am. And thanks in no small part to getting serious about an anti-inflammatory diet and starting to do regular short runs, I was able to run here today, up to the top of the ridge.

I’m not embarrassed to say, when I got to the top, I got down on my hands and knees and kissed the ground. It was like putting on dirt lipstick, but I cried with gratitude and happiness.

I admit I walked part way down to protect my joints, where before I used to tear down the hill full throttle.

I know our bodies weren’t meant to last forever, but I also know they’re not designed to sit still.

Take care of yourself, and as long as you’re still breathing, no matter your circumstances, give it all you’ve got. :o)

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