10 Cool Frisbee Golf Discs Made with Recycled Plastic

Cool Recycled Plastic Frisbees

How do you make disc golf a better sport? One way is to play with cool frisbee golf discs that are made with recycled plastic. Whether you just want to mess around playing frisbee on the beach or you’re in for a serious game of ultimate, it’s hard to avoid plastic when it comes to this sport. But the good news is – there are now plenty of cool discs made from recycled plastic.

The History of Frisbees and Disc Golf

Roman bronze statue discus thrower
Roman bronze reduction of Myron’s Discobolos, 2nd century CE. Photo: Matthias Kabel.

The origins of this fun sport are up for debate. Some say it started in Ancient Greece when competitors threw the discus in the Olympic Games. While others believe it originated long before then. You can imagine that primordial man and woman were the original ultimate frisbee players when they were throwing stones, hopefully not at each other.

One take on the invention of the modern day frisbee credits an inventor and entrepreneur named Walter Frederick “Fred” Morrison. Fred said the idea came to him in 1937 when he and his girlfriend Lu were tossing a popcorn tin lid back and forth. When the popcorn lid got dented, they turned to pie tins, which they threw back and forth at the beach in Santa Monica. Some beachgoers saw the fun they were having and offered to buy the pie tin from them. This was entrepreneurial Fred’s light bulb moment.

Fred called his invention a Whirlo-Way, and in 1948, an investor named Warren Franscioni paid to mold the design into plastic. Fred and Warren parted ways when sales lagged, but Fred never gave up on his idea. And in 1957, he and Lu, whom he had married, sold the rights to the idea Wham-O toy company, which is still making discs today, some of which you’ll see in this post. (Wikipedia)

The Origins of the Name Frisbee

Ken Westerfield doing a freestyle frisbee heel kick in Santa Cruz, California, July 1977. Photo: Ken Westerfield.

The beach in Santa Monica wasn’t the only place people were tossing pie tins. After the Civil War, William Russell Frisbie opened a bakery in New Haven, Connecticut called the Frisbie Pie Company. One of the company’s customers was Yale University. Students would eat the pies and then throw the tins around, which had the name Frisbie on them. Thus, they naturally started referring to the game as frisbee. It’s believed that the founders of Whamo-O heard the name of the game, and so in 1957 they released their discs with the name Whamo-O Frisbee. (Made How)

Things got a little more serious and competitive when Kevin Donnelly began playing a form of frisbee 1959, which he called Street Frisbee Golf. And by 1961, when he was a recreation supervisor for the city of Newport Beach, California, he was organizing Frisbee golf tournaments. Then, in 1965 Wham-O sponsored a city-wide tournament in Newport Beach.

Now, on to the eco-friendly discs!

Playing Ultimate Frisbee
Playing ultimate frisbee. Photo: Caspar Girl.

1. Wham-O Recycled Fat Tire Frisbee

Wham-O Recycled Fat Tire FrisbeeI thought it would be appropriate to start with a Wham-O disk. This one was designed with the help and inspiration of New Belgium Brewing Co., a microbrewery based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Featuring New Belgium’s logo, this disc is made with 60% recycled materials. The colored flecks are the results of the recycled materials used in the disc.

What customers say:

  • A customer on Amazon said her husband uses this disk to play ultimate frisbee with his Navy buddies and said it works great.
  • Another said that this disc is tough but slightly softer than traditional plastic frisbees, so it’s easier on the hands when catching and throwing.

Price: ~$9.99

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2. Wham-O 170g Recycled Cypher Frisbee

Wham-O 170g Recycled Cypher FrisbeeThis frisbee has a great flight range and it can easily keep up with harder plastic discs. The softer construction means that it’s easier on your hands. It can also withstand colder temperatures without the risk of cracking or warping. The materials used in the frisbee are ultraviolet-sensitive, so the color changes from opaque to purple, red, orange, or yellow when exposed to UV light.

Price: ~$12.39

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3. Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc

Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying DiscMade entirely from recycled milk containers, this disc by Green Toys is BPA- and phthalate-free, making it safe for kids, grown-ups, and frisbee-chewing dogs. And when you’re done with it, you can just toss it into the recycling bin.

What customers say:

  • One customer said this disc is more hardwearing than the virgin plastic styles they’ve played with in the past, and it stood up to many outdoor sessions with their active dog.
  • Another appreciated that there is no paint on the disc – the logo is embossed into the disc itself, taking the eco aspects up another notch.

Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc and KidAbout the brand:
Green Toys is based in Sausalito, California, where they design and produce safe, eco-friendly toys that are made 100% from recycled plastic. To date, the company has re-used over 50 million milk jugs, keeping them out of the landfill and ocean. Their manta is “Every day is Earth day.” Check out their Amazon store to see more of their eco-friendly toys.

Price: ~$5.49 as an add-on item

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4. Latitude 64 Recycled Gold Saint Fairway Driver Golf Disc

Latitude 64 Recycled Gold Saint Fairway Driver Golf DiscThe Saint frisbee from Latitude 64 is perfect for both casual outdoor games or serious games of ultimate. This disc can travel up to 350 feet with pinpoint accuracy. It’s made with a flexible, recycled plastic that makes it easy to catch and comfortable to throw.

About the brand:
Latitude 64 is a Swedish company that specialized in all things golf disc-related. Their discs are used by both casual players and pros.

Price: ~$14.96

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5. Latitude 64 Recycled Gold Fuse Mid-Range Golf Disc

Latitude 64 Recycled Gold Fuse Midrange Golf DiscLatitude 64 describes this frisbee as “the most versatile we have ever made.” It’s built for precision, and it can curve beautifully during flight for distances of up to 300 feet. It’s also made with recycled plastic. This disk can be used for laid back recreation or professional golf disc tournaments.

Price: ~$11.99 – $14.96

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6. Gateway Disc Sports Shaman Putter Golf Disc

Gateway Disc Sports Shaman Putter Golf DiscThis disc is made entirely of recycled materials, and incorporates recycled rubber into the composition. The rubber provides extra grip, which gives you added control when throwing it. This disc can be used for casual play or as a putter in more serious games of disc golf.

What customers say:

  • One customer said this disc is a fantastic putter that has laser-sharp accuracy. They managed some putts from up to 40 feet away.
  • Another said it takes a little getting used to, but then once you get the hang of it, it’s super smooth to throw and well worth the learning curve.

About the brand:
Gateway Disc Sports was started by an avid disc golf player. Today, the company produces over 40 styles of discs that are designed for competitive disk golf. Gateway uses recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible to lessen their environmental impact.

Price: ~$9.99

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7. Personalized Retro Frisbee

Personalized Retro FrisbeeIf you’re looking for a great gift idea, consider a customized frisbee disc. This retro-style frisbee can be printed with any name or phrase you like. It’s made from recycled plastic, and the customized design is printed on the surface using scratch-resistant ink, so it won’t rub off.

About the brand:
Oakdene Designs is a small company based in Surrey, England. Made up of a group of experimental product designers, the company manufactures all the products themselves in their converted barn. Whenever possible, they use locally-sourced materials.

Price: ~$21.12

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Australian Shepherd catching a frisbee
Australian shepherd catching a frisbee at the Toledo Metro Parks Dog Festival. Photo: Sally Wehner.

8. Personalized Dog Frisbees Made with Recycled Plastic

Personalized Recycled Dog FrisbeesAnother cute disc from Oakdene that makes a great gift, this disc can be customized with your dog’s name. Choose from a selection of 44 dogs breeds to make it even more personalized.

Customized Dog Frisbee DiscsPrice: ~$21.17

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9. Bureo Recycled Fishing Net Flyer

Bureo Recycled Fishing Net FlyerEco-friendly products company Bureo makes this super cool disc from recycled fishing nets. The unique artwork engraved on the disc is by Brooklyn-based artist Lake Buckley.

About the brand:
Bureo collect discarded fishing nets from around the coasts of Chile, and turns the waste into fun, useful products. I’ve written about their recycled sunglasses and recycled skateboards on UniGuide.

10. Funn and Frolic Recycled Flyers

Funn and Frolic Recycled FlyersFrisbee and the Grateful Dead go hand-in-hand almost as much as, well, hacky sack and the Grateful Dead. So, if you’re a Dead Head or you know a Dead Head, this Shakedown Street disc should be hard to pass up. It’s made with 40% recycled plastic.

The creator Funn and Frolic makes a few other mandala-inspired designs.

Price: ~$17.50 – $20.00

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Now, off the screen! Grab your pals and get outside for a fun game of ultimate!

Freestyle Frisbee Handstand Catch by Claudio Cigna
Freestyle frisbee handstand catch by Claudio Cigna. Photo: Marco Consani.


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