Cooking with Plants Vegan Recipe Videos

Anja Cass, Creator of Cooking with Plants
Anja Cass, Creator of Cooking with Plants. Photo: Cooking with Plants.

Anja Cass, the creator of Cooking with Plants, serves up delicious, healthy vegan recipes that are easy to make and sure to be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. Anja turned to a plantbased lifestyle when she was dealing with a host of health challenges, including a heart aneurysm. When she began reading the famous book about adopting a plantbased lifestyle – The China Study – it changed her life. She says she went vegan almost “overnight” and subsequently lost 50 pounds in four months. Anja has published a few cookbooks and you can find more of her recipes on her YouTube channel.

Here’s a collection of some of her yummy, healthy recipes:


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