26 Best 100% Vegan Shoe Brands for 2019

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Best Shoe Brands Are Vegan

There are a number of great shoe brands that offer some styles that are vegan, but too many include other shoes in their lineups that are made with animal skin, and in some cases, wool. (If you’ve ever seen how wool is taken from sheep on an industrial scale, you know it’s definitely not cruelty-free.) So, for this post, I wanted to give a special shout out to the best 100% vegan shoe brands.

With cruelty-free options now available for so many items, why buy anything else? And luckily for us, today there are some vegan designers who are knocking it out of the park, especially in the world of footwear, where there has been serious need for an ethical overhaul.

While we animal lovers welcome shoe brands with open arms when they start offering cruelty-free styles, I think it’s fair to put the brands that only make vegan shoes up on a pedestal, don’t you? After all, they’re walking the talk and talking the walk – demonstrating that animals do not have to suffer – and should not suffer – for whatever humans decide to put on our feet. And the good news is, today vegan shoes are not a sacrifice, whether it’s in style, durability, breathability, price, or anything else. Vegan shoes are a win win!

So, in no particular order, here are the best 100% vegan shoes brands. (And if I’m missing any here, feel free to send a nasty message to kristen at uniguide dot biz. Someday, when I have more time to manage them, I’ll set up comments on UniGuide, I promise.)

1. Will’s Vegan Shoes

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand
Will’s Vegan Shoes for Women

Will's Vegan Shoes for WomenWill’s Vegan Shoes makes 100% vegan shoes and boots that are also ethically made and environmentally sustainable.

All of Will’s vegan shoes are made in Portugal and Italy, where their workers are protected by EU health, safety, anti-discrimination, and other employment protection laws. Workers also get benefits such PTO, equal pay, and maternity leave.

Will’s shoes are also sustainably made. The faux leather and other materials used in their shoes meet the OEKO-TEX® textile standard, which ensures that textiles and the materials used in them meet strict consumer safety guidelines.

In addition, Will’s utilizes a carbon-neutral supply chain, and their operations are carbon neutral. Will’s invests in renewable energy projects like wind power, hydro power, geothermal, solar power, and biomass. Plus, when you order a pair of Will’s shoes, you’ll receive them in sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable packaging.

Will’s Vegan Shoes for Men

Will's Vegan Shoes for MenPrice: ~$112.00 – $156.00

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2. Ahimsa

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand
Ahimsa Vegan Shoes for Women

Ahimsa Vegan Shoes for Women
I’ve written about Ahimsa in other posts on UniGuide, including posts for men’s boots and shoes, because I’m such a fan of this company’s philosophy and what they want to accomplish.

A truly mission-driven venture, Ahimsa is a Brazilian artisanal footwear brand that is out to make more than just high-quality vegan shoes. They say their mission is to create “a more conscious society, one day completely free of cruelty.” Lord knows we need more companies like this.

Ahimsa makes all of their shoes in their own workshop, so they can make sure their workers earn a living wage and are treated well. They also put a special emphasis on using eco-friendly materials in their shoes.

Ahimsa Vegan Shoes for Men

Ahimsa Vegan Shoes for MenPrice: ~$129.00 – $170.00
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3. MATT & NAT Vegan Shoes

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand

MATT & NAT Vegan ShoesMATT & NAT first became well-known for their luxury vegan handbags, and recently they started to introduce fashionable vegan shoes to their collection. The name MATT & NAT is derived from “materials” and “nature.” Started in Montreal in 1995, the MATT & NAT team set out to enhance the “humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us.”

Totally cruelty-free from their beginning, MATT & NAT also puts an emphasis on using natural, plantbased, and recycled materials in their designs. Natural materials include cork and natural rubber; and recycled materials include recycled nylon and recycled rubber.

Price: ~$95.00 – $150.00

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4. Native Shoes

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand
Native Shoes for Women

Native Vegan Shoes for Women

Another 100% vegan footwear company, Native works to maintain a light environmental footprint during their production process. They use a low-emission manufacturing process, and their shoes are made with a foam-injection molding process that minimizes waste.

Native Shoes for Men
Native Vegan Shoes for Men

Price: ~$12.00 – $42.00

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5. Bourgeois Boheme

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand
Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Shoes for Women

Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Shoes for WomenBourgeois Boheme makes fashionable cruelty-free shoes for women and men with eco-friendly materials like Piñatex™ pineapple leather, PVC-free faux leather, and vegan microfiber. In addition, they use plant-based polymers that are derived from natural and renewable sources, including grains and seeds vs. petrochemicals.

Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Shoes for Men
Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Shoes for Men

Price: ~$199.00 – $259.00

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6. People Footwear

People Vegan Footwear

Based in Vancouver, Canada, People Footwear offers a 100% cruelty-free line of shoes for women, men, and kids. They describe their shoes as “high-performance leisure” as they specialize in lightweight, comfortable designs.

Price: ~$18.00 – $80.00

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7. olsen Haus

olsen Hause Women's Vegan Shoes

Today, it can be a little hard to imagine there was a time when it was difficult to find high fashion vegan shoes. Like Stella McCartney, Elizabeth Olsen has been a change agent in the fashion world, demonstrating that vegan shoes can be uber-stylish, sexy, and high quality. If you’re a vegan lady who likes a little stiletto in your cruelty-free shoes, or you just want a gorgeous pair of shoes for work or a night on the town, definitely check out olsen Haus.

Price: ~$37.00 – $199.00

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8. Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin Women's Vegan Shoes

Like olsen Haus, Beyond Skin’s founders were frustrated by the lack of stylish, luxury shoes that were also kind to animals. So, they set out to make compassionate waves in the footwear world. Popular with vegan superstars like Natalie Portman, Beyond Skin’s stylish shoes are designed in Brighton, UK and made in Alicante, Spain.

Price: ~$139.00 – $289.00

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9. Bioworld

Bioworld Vegan Shoes

Bioworld makes fun, unique vegan shoes, sandals, and boots in their workshops in Toledo, Spain and Italy.

Price: ~$61.53 – $153.52

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10. Cri de Coeur

Cri de Coeur Women's Vegan Shoes

Cri de Coeur translates to “cry from the heart,” a perfect name for a compassionate vegan footwear company. Founders Gina Ferraraccio and Julie Dicterow created their line of cruelty-free shoes with a “heartfelt desire to change the face of the fashion footwear and accessory markets by providing stylish, contemporary products that are ethically produced.”

Price: ~$109.99 – $189.99

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11. Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor Ladies' Vegan Shoes

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Roni Kantor designs lovely, all vegan shoes that are perfect for weddings and other special occasions. Roni’s designs are inspired by her love of vintage fashion, and the materials used are inspired by her love of animals.

Price: ~$99.00 – $130.00

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12. Unstitched Utilities

Unstitched Utilities for Women

Unstitched Utilities Vegan Shoes for Women Jack Steinweis, Kevin Crowley, and Mark Kane, the founders of Unstitched Utilities, understood that modern day consumers want to buy ethical and eco-friendly shoes, but they don’t want to sacrifice on style when it comes to honoring their values.

Using vegan dyes and glues in their creations, Unstitched Utilities’ shoes are also made with eco-friendly materials. They use a material called Tyvek®, which is a high-density polyethylene fiber that’s water resistant, durable, and breathable. It’s also vegan and can be recycled.

Unstitched Utilities for Men

Unstitched Utilities Vegan Shoes for Men

Price: ~$19.99 – $99.99

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13. Stella McCartney

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand

Stella McCartney Vegan ShoesStella McCartney was infusing veganism into her designs before vegan was cool. She is a consistent advocate for animal rights and lover of high fashion. This combination of values and passion have brought the world some seriously badass vegan shoes and gorgeous clothes.

Price: ~$32.00 – $675.00

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14. Indosole

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand

Indosole Vegan Shoes for Women

A certified B corporation, Indosole repurposes discarded tires and uses them in the soles for their laid back vegan shoes. Kyle Parsons, an avid surfer and environmentalist, started Indosole after a surfing trip to Bali, Indonesia. He was shocked by the amount of trash littering the beaches and ocean in what should have been an island paradise.

On this same trip, Kyle happened to need a new pair of sandals and bought some locally. He was intrigued by how the sandals were made: the soles were created from used motorbike tires. This ingenuity and the desire to reduce the amount of waste polluting Bali’s natural environment led Kyle to create a super cool, socially conscious footwear brand that is beloved by surfers, travelers, and others care about the Earth.

Indosole Vegan Shoes for Men

Price: ~$21.99 – $55.00

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15. Free Rangers Vegan Footwear

Free Rangers Vegan Footwear for Women

With their apropos name, Free Rangers makes unique, free style vegan shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. All of their shoes are handmade to order in their workshop in the UK. They’re also 100% cruelty-free. Plus, they come in 19 different colors.

Free Rangers Vegan Footwear for MenPrice: ~$89.00 – $168.00

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16. Novacas

Novacas Vegan ShoesIf you like the leather look, check out Novacas’ vegan shoes. Their name means “no cows” in Spanish – the perfect name for a vegan footwear company. All of their faux leather designs are made with non-toxic and PVC-free materials. Plus, they’re ethically made in Portugal.

Price: ~$109.99 – $220.00

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3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand
MOVMT Shoes for Women

MOVMT Shoes for Women

The People’s Movement, otherwise known as MOVMT, has a clear mission: to reduce the amount of plastic pollution on land and in the ocean by turning it into something useful – in this case, really cool shoes.
The company talks about making “eco-hip” footwear and accessories, but the simplicity of the term “eco-hip” belies the depth of MOVMT’s mission. Eco hip is not just about looking cool. Eco hip stands for where we are in our modern world, when shoes are no longer just shoes; they can a means for solving bigger problems.

MOVMT collects plastic bags in Bali that would otherwise be thrown away and blends them with environmentally-friendly materials to make the fabrics for their shoes. They support the nonprofit 5 Gyres, which also focuses on reducing plastic pollution through oceanic research, community collaboration, and action.

MOVMT shoes are casual and comfortable and come in a variety of colors and styles. In addition to recycled plastic, you’ll find styles in other eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton canvas.

MOVMT Shoes for Men

MOVMT Shoes for Men

Price: ~$18.00 – $69.95

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18. NAE Vegan

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand
NAE Women’s Vegan Shoes

NAE Women's Vegan ShoesNAE stands for “No Animal Exploitation,” which, of course, is another perfect name for an all vegan footwear company. Based in Portugal, NAE’s founding principles are that no animals should be exploited for footwear or other reasons.

NAE also focuses on sustainability, using natural materials like cork and Piñatex pineapple leather in their designs. They also use recycled materials from automotive airbags and PET plastic bottles, as well as plantbased microfibers, in their designs.

NAE Men’s Shoes

NAE Men's Vegan ShoesPrice: ~$115.00 – $169.00

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19. Fugu “Cool Japanese Shoes”

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand

Fugu Vegan Japanese Shoes
Fugu is another all vegan brand that produces truly unique shoes. Self-described as a maker of “cool Japanese shoes,” Fugu’s unisex canvas shoes and boots speak urban Ninja warrior and warrior princess. Made with recycled rubber soles, Fugu’s cool boots have been featured in a few Hollywood movies, including Star Wars and The Hunger Games.

Price: ~$59.99 – $89.99

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20. Siam Tip

3-leaf-icon-40Eco-Friendly Brand

Siam Tip Vegan Shoes

Siam Tip’s handmade shoes and boots mix artisanal, handmade design with exotic, ethnic flair. Made by local artisans in Thailand, these all vegan shoes mix tradition with modern, carefree style. They’re colorful, comfortable, and cruelty-free.

Siam Tip Vegan Shoes High Tops

Price: ~$43.00 – $133.99

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21. BC Footwear

BC Footwear Vegan Shoes and Boots for Women

BC Footwear makes affordable women’s shoes and boots in faux leather and other manmade materials. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, or a great pair of shoes for work, BC Footwear offers a number of vegan styles.

Price: ~$17.00 – $80.00

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22. Blowfish Shoes

Blowfish Shoes Women's
Based in sunny Southern California, Blowfish shoes makes cute and comfortable shoes for women in girls in canvas, faux leather, and other manmade materials. They’re also super affordable.

Price: ~$6.00 – $61.00

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23. Golden Ponies Vegan Shoes

Golden Ponies Vegan Shoes for Women
Golden Ponies makes cute vegan shoes and accessories in Guadalajara, Mexico. They offer a variety of fun, all vegan shoe styles for women, including iridescent sneakers, sparkly boots, vintage-style t-strap pumps, and cork oxfords. Visit their Etsy store to see them all.

Price: ~$48.00 – $60.00

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24. Nature Breeze

Nature Breeze Vegan Shoes
Nature Breeze is another brand that offers a wide range of affordable women’s shoes, sandals, and boots in manmade materials. They’re great for anyone on a budget. Whether you’re looking for platform sandals or knee-high stretchy boots, Nature Breeze has you covered.

Price: ~$13.00 – $50.00

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25. Rothy’s

Rothys Recycled Vegan Shoes

Made with recycled plastic water bottles, Rothy’s is a shoe brand that is loved by stylish celebs like Meghan Markle and all kinds of women and girls who love chic simplicity and eco-friendly style. The company has already repurposed over 20 million plastic water bottles to create their colorful, slim shoes. And when your Rothy’s wear out, you can send them back to the company to be recycled.

Price: ~$125.00 – $165.00

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26. Okabashi

Okabashi Shoes Brand

Known for their sandals and flip flops for women and men, Okabashi also makes vegan clogs. Their shoes are all made in the USA and they contain 20% recycled materials. Plus, when you’re done with their shoes, you can mail them back and Okabashi will recycled the materials to make more shoes.

Price: $12.00 – $24.95

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