16 Awesome Recycled Wallet Brands

Recycled Wallets

These awesome recycled wallets are helping to redefine how we view waste. Made with durable materials, they’re also unique, so you’ll be sure to find a style that suits your taste.

If you think about it, like your cell phone, your wallet is something you have with you all of the time. Thus, you put it on display on a daily basis. A recycled wallet is a great way to show the world you care about reducing waste. Not to mention, it’s a fun conversation starter.

Here are some eco-friendly wallets from innovative brands and artisan that are doing their part to keep trash out of our landfills and waterways.

1. Thin Line Apparel Recycled Firefighter  Wallets

Recycled Firefighter Gear WalletBased in Hubert, North Carolina, Thin Line Apparel makes ruggedly unique wallets and other accessories with upcycled firefighter turnout gear.

Slimfold Recycled Firefighter WalletPrice: ~$17.00 – $23.00

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2. Recycled Vegan and Tuc Upcycled Fire Hose Wallets

Recycled Fire Hose WalletRecycled Vegan and Tuc makes a variety of cool accessories with upcycled fire hoses and other materials. This compact wallet will hold all of the basics: bills, cards, and coins. It comes in a few different colors. Plus, Recycled Vegan and Tuc has a few other styles.

Price: ~$24.33 – $38.65

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3. Creative Funny Recycled Fire Hose Wallets

Recycled Fire Hose Wallet

Here’s another durable wallet made with recycled fire hoses. It’s handmade in Budapest, Hungary. 

Price: ~$59.61 – $86.24

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4. Torrain Recycled Feed Bag Wallets

Recycled Feed Bag WalletWith a background in environmental justice, social work, and working in the outdoor recreation gear industry, Nyla Jano put her combined skills to work when she founded her company Torrain.

While traveling throughout Southeast Asia, she was struck by the number of discarded agricultural manufacturing bags that lined the city streets. The bags had a wide variety of colorful designs printed on them, and Nyla thought it was a pity for them to go to waste. Not to mention, she was concerned about their environmental impact.

Nyla Jano
Nyla Jano, founder of Torrain, with discarded feed bags. Photo: Torrain.

From there, Torrain was born. Today, Nyla produced a range of colorful recycled accessories, including wallets, that are unique, durable, and water-resistant.

Upcycled Feed Bag Wallet

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Price: ~$14.40 – $43.20

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5. Upcycling by Milo Recycled Wallets

Recycled Wallets by Upcycling by MiloUpcycling by Milo creates high-quality, one-of-a-kind upcycled wallets, handbags, and other accessories out a wide range of reclaimed materials, including vintage maps, comic books, cassette tapes, vinyl records, and more.

Price: ~$14.90 – $45.00

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6. Couch Upcycled Vintage Auto Upholstery Wallets

Couch Upcycled Vintage Auto Upholstery WalletsCouch creates hip vegan guitar straps, wallets, and other accessories from vintage automotive vinyl and upholstery in their studio in Long Beach, CA. Every item is one-of-a-kind, like the orange ladies’ wallet you see here. It’s made with vintage upholstery material. And the green wallet below is made from vintage Chevy Camaro upholstery. Couch makes a wide variety of styles and colors.

Couch Upcycled Vintage Chevy Camaro Wallets

Price: ~$14.40 – $43.20

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7. OffChutes Slim-fold Wallets Made from Reclaimed Parachutes

OffChutes Slim-fold Wallets Made from Reclaimed ParachutesIf you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight slim wallet, you can’t go wrong with these colorful designs by OffChutes. Made with reclaimed parachutes and paraglider sails, these wallets are comfortable to carry in your back pocket, plus they’re durable and machine washable.

Price: ~$25.00 – $45.00

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8. Flowfold Slim Wallets Made with Upcycled Sail Cloth

Flowfold Slim Wallets Made with Upcycled Sail ClothBased in Portland, Maine, Flowfold creates what they call “minimalist gear for everyday adventures.” Their one-of-a-kind wallets are made from durable used sail cloth. Plus, they’re all handmade in the USA.

Flowfold Red Slim Wallet Made with Upcycled Sail ClothHere’s a video from Flowfold about their wallets:

Price: ~$11.95 – $34.95

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9. Tree Tribe Leaf Wallets

Tree Tribe Leaf WalletsOutdoor lifestyle brand Tree Tribe creates their eco-friendly wallets with upcycled natural and sustainable teak tree leaves, which they source in Thailand. The leaves are treated with a thin laminate, which seals and preserves the leaves and makes the wallets water-resistant and durable. Each eco-friendly, handmade wallet is unique.

True to their name, Tree Tribe plants 10 trees for every product they sell. You can see their cool wooden sunglasses here on UniGuide.

Price: ~$28.00 – $50.00

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10. Refogrami Recycled Kraft Paper Wallets

Recycled Kraft Paper WalletsRefogrami Wallet makes sleek, slimfold wallets out of recycled Kraft paper. The minimalist designs comes in a variety of patterns and designs, some with sayings.

Price: ~$16.99

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11. Pichuskadass Wallets Made with Upcycled Materials

Upcycled WalletsPichuskadass founder Helena says she loves the challenge of taking existing items and turning them into something new. And she says she has a natural passion for reusing, rethinking, and reinventing trash. Her colorful recycled wallets are made with a variety of materials, such as Kraft paper and used cereal boxes. Helena coats the wallets with a laminate coating protects the paper from wear and tear.

Price: ~$17.50 – $22.50

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12. Squiggle Chick Recycled Wallets and Passport Cases

Squiggle Chick Recycled Wallets and Passport CasesSquiggle Chick founder Tracy Borders was on a sailing trip in Croatia when she and her husband discovered Croatian potato chips. An artist, Tracy liked the colorful bags the chips came in, so she decided to keep some as souvenirs. She also thought the bags might be used for something useful instead of being thrown away, so she began to experiment. Today, her creations have expanded from potato chip bags to other trash, which she converts into colorful wallets, passport cases, luggage tags, and other accessories.

Price: ~$18.00 – $30.00

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13. Green Guru Tire Wallets and Zip Pouches

Green Guru Tire Wallets and Zip PouchesAs outdoor enthusiasts, the founders of Green Guru Gear had issues with the amount of waste created by the outdoor industry. So, they set out to solve the problem. Today, the company make a range of accessories and gear from scraps and other waste salvaged from organizations like REI, Patagonia, and Outward Bound.

Green Guru Zip Pouch

Here’s a video with founder Davidson Lewis talking about Green Guru’s mission:

Price: ~$11.17 – $17.17

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14. Alchemy Goods Recycled Tire Wallets

Alchemy Goods Recycled Tire WalletsAlchemy Goods is another innovative brand that upcycles used bicycle inner tubes and converts them into durable wallets and other accessories, such as rugged laptop cases and iPad sleeves. To date, the company has kept over 500,000 bicycle inner tubes out of landfills. All of Alchemy Goods’ products are handmade in their workshop in Seattle, WA.

Alchemy Goods Recycled Slim WalletPrice: ~$20.00 – $44.00

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15. WozWaste Recycled Zip Wallets

WozWaste Recycled Zip Wallets

If you carry a lot of stuff in your wallet, and you need multiple card slots and a coin pocket, check out these long zip wallets from WozWaste. Multiple compartments and a full zip enclosure will keep the contents organized and secure.

WozWaste Recycled Zip Wallets

Price: ~$18.60 – $52.08

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16. Haiku Recycled Plastic Wallets

Haiku Recycled Plastic WalletsHaiku makes a variety of cute wallets and handbags that are made from 100% recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles. Every Haiku bag keeps at least five plastic bottles out of the landfill or from polluting our oceans.

Haiku Recycled Plastic Wallet Navy Blue

Price: ~$7.95 – $38.00

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