11 Aquafaba Recipes, Savory to Sweet

Macaroons made with aquafaba

Aquafaba is a natural substitute for egg whites that’s 100% vegan and can be used in a variety of recipes, from savory to sweet.

Legend has it that aquafaba became “a thing” in 2015 when Goose Wohlt, a vegan software engineer, made a comment in the Facebook Group “What Fat Vegans Eat” about how delectable meringues could be made without using egg whites. Needless to say, this was groundbreaking information for many. It was one of those “one small step for humans and one massive leap forward for people, the planet, and animals” moments.

Aquafaba Defined

Canned Organic Chickpea
Aquafaba is the essentially the liquid from beans.

Most often, aquafaba refers to the juice from chickpeas, but the juice from other beans has the same properties, as does the liquid from a package of tofu or a can of peas. If you slow cook beans, the liquid in your pot becomes your aquafaba, but it’s easiest to just get it straight from a can (and use the leftover beans for salads and other recipes.)

Benefits of Aquafaba

Happy Chicks
The fewer eggs we eat, the fewer chickens need to suffer.

The discovery of aquafaba for cooking is so groundbreaking because in the cooking and eating worlds (two very big worlds) egg whites were a lot like cheese. Before vegan cheeses started to get really, really good (thank you, Miyoko!), cheese lovers around the world couldn’t imagine going vegan because they just couldn’t live without cheese. And for many chefs, especially those who love to bake, the idea of cooking without the fluffy help of egg whites was unthinkable.

Enter aquafaba, otherwise known as bean juice – as in the kind you usually pour down the sink when you open the can. Turns out, there’s liquid gold in that stuff. In the same way that egg whites can be used to make custards and crusts light, fluffy, and smooth, aquafaba lends the same qualities to a dish.

Besides being easy and versatile to cook with, as an egg replacer, aquafaba is a welcome alternative for people with dairy and nut allergies. Furthermore, the fewer eggs we humans consume, the fewer chickens will live lives of ongoing physical and emotional suffering.

How to Cook with Aquafaba

When used in baking or even cooking savory dishes, two-to-three tablespoons of aquafaba can replace one egg white. Every recipe is different, so be sure to follow the directions provided by the vegan chefs who create the recipes or, by all means, experiment to your heart’s content with this superstar ingredient.

Like me, you’re probably starting to get hungry, so without further ado, here is a collection of ultra-yummy aquafaba recipes:

Savory Aquafaba Recipes

1. Whipped Vegan Butter

In this video, Chef Ashley Alexander shows you how to make a creamy plantbased alternative to dairy butter using aquafaba.

2. Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

Mary’s Test Kitchen offers a variety of recipes made with the magical bean juice, and this vegan mayo will fool all your carnivore friends.

3. Vegan Aioli Sauce

Midnight Munchies and More makes this yummy aioli sauce with malt vinegar.

4. Vegan French Toast

You don’t have to wait for morning to serve up this out-of-control-good vegan French toast from Goodful.

5. Vegan Crepes

Described as Mauritian Fusion cuisine, Veganlove creates delectable plantbased recipes including these to die for egg-free crepes.

6. Crispy Roasted Potatoes

A Virtual Vegan created this recipe for crispy potatoes that have don’t use any oil. These potatoes put aquafaba into the upper echelons of super tasty, crowd-pleasing comfort foods.

Sweet Aquafaba Recipes

7. Vegan Meringues with Strawberries

These delicious aquafaba meringues with strawberries by the Happy Pear will put a smile on your face (and so will the video.)

8. Lemon Meringue Pie

The Vegan Corner is proof positive that going vegan is not about deprivation. This lemon meringue pie recipe is just the thing for springtime picnics or other special occasions when you want to taste sunshine.

9. Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Tasty offers this delectable chocolate mousse recipe that’s easy to make with just four ingredients. To see more yummy recipes, check out my post on decadent vegan desserts.

10. Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

Jenny Claire Davies shares this recipe for rich chocolate coffee ice cream recipe that includes aquafaba.

11. Vegan Macaroons

Bhavna of Bhavna’s Kitchen and Living shares her secrets to making the perfect French-style macaroons using aquafaba.


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