17 Alcohol Before and After Transformations to Inspire You

Before and After Alcohol Transformations

Alcohol permeates our culture. The “social lubricant” as it’s called, is a method used by many of us to change our state of mind, whether it’s loneliness, awkwardness, dissatisfaction, stress, or simply thinking so much. But obviously, alcohol has some serious drawbacks. This year, I started to read more about those drawbacks, which most of us are well aware of. They range from health issues to productivity issues, relationship problems, and more.

In my research, I came across some enlightening personal stories shared by generous souls about how quitting alcohol transformed their lives. By sharing their stories, including some not-so-flattering photos, they hope to inspire and help others. Here’s a complication of some of the inspiring alcohol before and after transformations I discovered.

Inspiring Before and After Alcohol Pictures and Videos

1. Tiffany Howell – The Running Mama

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2. Misty

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3. Michael Carlsson – Jam Back

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4. Cam Waters

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5. Caitlin Elizabeth

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6. Bring Back Joy

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7. Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. Drugs and Alcohol Before and After - Sober
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8. Anonymous Now Super Fit Guy

From Out of Shape Alcoholic to Sober and Fit
Image: Slippery Fister.


9. Jennifer Lynn



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10. They See Me Rockin’

Before and After Alcohol Transformation - They See Me Rockin'!
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11. Carlie Young


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12. Kelly Osbourne

In this video from Loose Women, Kelly Osbourne talks about how reaching a spiritual low was the point at which she knew that she had no choice but to turn her live around. She also admits that staying sober is daily process of managing her addictive tendencies.



13. Bradley Cooper

In this video from Sober Grid, Bradley Cooper talks about how he never would have reached the pinnacles of success that he has in his career and his personal relationships if he had not gotten sober.



14. Kyle Sullivan – Having Fun Sober

In this video, Kyle Sullivan talks about how life can be fun and enjoyable after you quit drinking. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to “no nonsense” sobriety.



14. Rich Roll Interview with Andy Ramage

This is one of the most insightful discussions I’ve heard about how what’s considered casual drinking can impact the quality of one’s life, relationships, and productivity. Health and wellness expert Rich Roll, a recovered alcoholic himself, interviews Andy Rampage, founder of the One Year, No Beer movement.

In this interview, Andy and Rich discuss how pervasive drinking is in our culture, and how too many people see alcohol abuse as either black or white – meaning, you’re either an alcoholic or not, when actually, alcohol abuse comes in shades of gray – and even light drinking can take a toll on the quality of your life.

Here are two books I recommend by these insightful fellows:
Finding Ultra by Rich Roll

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll

The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge by Andy Ramage



15. Sally Wilkinson – Alcohol Free 500 Days Before and After

This video starts out with Sally Wilkinson having her last drink before she signs up to do the 30-day alcohol-free challenge with One Year No Beer. With no plans to go past 30 days, Sally was feeling so good at the end of her first month, that went for 60 days without alcohol, and then 90 days, and then more.

The video fast forwards to Sally 500 days later, and Sally is still on the sobriety bandwagon. One of the remarkable things she shares is that her business had incredible growth over the period she was sober, something she says that would not have happened had she been drinking. You can see more videos from Sally in her YouTube channel.



16. Dana Bowman, Mom

In this video from Today, Dana Bowman candidly talks about being a mom and an alcoholic. She references all the jokes and memes about moms using alcohol to cope with the challenges of motherhood, and how this creates a culture where alcohol abuse is not only accepted but encouraged.



17. Russell Brand

Russell Brand has many videos where he is generously open about his battle with addiction. In this video from Arthur Cauty, Russell talks about the British drinking culture, which is very much like the American drinking culture and so many other drinking cultures around the world. Russell has examined the topic of addiction from every direction, and he gets at the heart of the many reasons people become addicted to substances and harmful activities.

In this video, Russell talks with Tony Robbins about how training your mind can be a path to overcoming addiction and other thought patterns that get in your way of thriving and realizing your full potential as a human being.

Here’s Russell’s book Recovery – Freedom from Our Addictions:

Russell Brand: Recovery, Freedom from Our Addictions
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