A Night in the Life of Isa the Black Cat

Isa, my black cat, on my front porch
This is Isa, my black cat, in repose. She leads a different life during the night.

The following are truthful recorded events that occurred in the early morning hours of Friday, September 14, 2018.

2:49 am – Wake Mom up with gift of impossibly large dead rat. (Mercifully, on the floor next to the bed; not in the bed.)

4:05 am – Wake whole neighborhood up with screeching and high drama right outside the cat door. Come running in the cat door. Roo dog is on the case. Mom opens the back door and Roo is in attack mode, chased away the invader. That damn raccoon again…

4:12 am – Since Mom is up now, meow for food.

4:14 am – Eat canned food.

4:19 am – Barf on the bedroom rug.

4:23 am – Curl up on Mom’s bed and groom.

4:53 am – Go to sleep.

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