6 Stats on Why Vegan and Sustainable Living Is Good

Dolphin in Ocean Plastic Pollution

On average, every four minutes:

  1. 4 people in the U.S will die of a heart disease-related event. (The Heart Foundation)
  2. Americans will spend $2.5 million on diabetes-related healthcare costs, which can be tied directly back to their diet and lifestyle. (American Diabetes Association)
  3. 35,000 farm animals, in the U.S. alone, will be slaughtered for food. (The Humane Society)
  4. 8,000 animals globally will be killed so their skin can be used to make leather shoes, clothing, and accessories. (PETA and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
  5. 444 acres of tropical rainforest will be destroyed are significantly degraded. (Scientific American)
  6. 8 seabirds and 1 marine mammal will die from ingesting plastic trash in the ocean. (NOAA)


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