Native Creates a 100% Biodegradable, Sustainable Shoe

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Vegan footwear company Native Shoes has created a groundbreaking 100% biodegradable and sustainable plantbased shoe. This shoe is compostable!Native Biodegradable Plant ShoeHere’s what it’s made of:

Pineapple Fibers

Pineapple husks are generally discarded when the pineapples are harvested. But they can actually be turned into a sustainable and durable textile. You’ve probably heard of Piñatex, the pineapple leather developed by entrepreneur Carmen Hijosa. I feature products made with Piñatex in a number of posts on UniGuide, including vegan tote bags, laptop sleeves, and handbags.

Native Plant Shoe Construction


Derived from the flax plant, linen is another natural and sustainable fiber that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It’s super strong and microbe-resistant like hemp is. The sock liners in Native’s eco-friendly plant shoes are made with linen, so they’re soft, comfortable, breathable, and odor-resistant.


Kenaf is another strong natural fiber that requires no chemical intervention when processed to make garments (unlike, say, bamboo rayon, which undergoes heavy processing to be converted into soft bamboo fabric.) Kenaf originates in Africa.
Kenaf is used in the Native Plant Shoe footbed.

Native Eco-Friendly Sustainable Plant Shoe - Women's


Eucalyptus pulp is used in the construction of the Strobel board of the Plant Shoe, which provides a pliable but strong base for the shoe that also helps to wick moisture. The eucalyptus is baled and compressed using a closed loop technique. Thus, it’s processed with a very minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Lactae Hevea

Lactae hevea is a pure substance that comes from the hevea tree. It’s processed to make a completely natural latex that is used for the outsoles of the shoes. The natural rubber-like material is free of petrochemicals or additives.

Native Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Plant Shoe - Men's

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is used to make the uppers of the shoes as well as the laces.

Native’s goal is to have all of their products be cradle-to-cradle sustainable by the year 2023.

You can see the Native Plant Shoe on

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Or, you can get them on Amazon.

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